How to rank higher on Google first page

Rank higher on Google first page

Rank higher on Google webmaster tips – As you know there are several SEO techniques that you can apply to your website you can get a lot more traffic coming from google. Every body knows Google is the main search engine online over the web. You can get highly targeted traffic from the Google search. So you have to understand some of the SEO terms that is useful for further process. Here are some of the basic question that many webmasters thinks before applying SEO.

a. How to improve Google ranking ?

b. How to get higher on Google ?

c. How to get my business on Google first page ?

Understanding SEO ?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, that is useful for optimizing your own website. So that you can achieve better results instead of google search engine for the search term that you are focusing. A search term is basically anything that you go to google and taken inside of this small search box to find relevant to the topic that you are searching for.

rank higher on Google
Rank higher on Google

Most of the people want their website appearing on the first page of results. This is because, this first page of Google results receiving the most visitors. So there is a less chance for anybody to actually get to the second or two third page. If your website rank well on the first listing, you can get more and more visitors. when it comes to SEO, there
are two parts that is –

On page SEO – It is basically anything that you can do in set up a website.  So that you can achieve better results inside of Google search results.

Off page SEO – It is basically everything that you do outsider for your website. so you can achieve better results in google search engine results.

When it comes to your website, the first thing that you need to understand is how exactly does google search engine actually works. You want to your website to rank higher on the first page of Google listing as to get more and more visitors.

On page SEO

The first thing you need to understand is how exactly the Google search engine works. What we have is the robots or the crawlers. These are the programs make by the Google, basically go from one websites and analyzing their content to see exactly what the website page talks about. Based on how the information is gathered and where the website page needs to appear inside of Google’s listing.

rank higher on Google

Rank higher on Google

Ranking factors to grow rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing

1. keywords

So what happens when a crawler analyses your website keyword. It goes from one of your website pages and sees the keyword that you have inside of your website. Based on those keywords, the crawler knows what the website page talks about. From all those information, the robots knows exactly what that pages talks about. It also analyses the other links in your web page. That’s what the robots do and perform the same action over and over again. It also  try to navigate throughout the web page to find the new web content to be indexed.

2. Cache Title

Include a good title that is eye catching to your viewers. As this will be your main title and make sure to include your main keyword inside of this title. Other than keywords, you can also use a good meta data that is configure in Yoast SEO.

3. Responsive theme

Make sure you have installed a responsive theme on your website to rank higher on Google. As most of the webmasters are using WordPress themes that are responsive. This is very important because more and more people are using mobiles to visit to your website. It is very important any webmaster to have a layout in their website which will automatically adjust to their screen. So keep in mind that your website should also be mobile friendly. Make sure you have a responsive theme for your website.

4. Website upload time

It is the most important part of your website for getting rank higher on Google. It is basically the amount of time that your website takes to upload on someone PC or mobile device. As we know, that most people are using mobile phones and they don’t like to wait a long time for a website to appear on their screen. As it represent your quality of your website and important for every webmaster to have a good uploading website. To analyze the time that your website takes to upload. You can go to website called Pingdom Website Speed Test. Through this online tool, you can test your website upload time or how much time your website will takes to upload.

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5. WordPress Plugins for SEO

  • Yoast SEO – With the help of Yoast SEO plugin, you can optimize your website. This is one of the best plugin out there. Yoast SEO allows you to customize each web page individually.
  • WP Super Catch – This plugin allows you to improve the performance of your website to upload faster, when a visitor visit your site. It works on both PC and mobile screens.

6. Use bulletin points in posts

  • Having bulletin points in your website allows people to go to the website post and simply reading immediately the most important aspects about that topic.
  • Moreover you can also use numbered lists and well organized your web content.
  • Remember, the amount of time that people spends on your website is really what affects your Google ranking.

7. Use Images

As images attracts people to read the rest of your content on your website. So you should always include couple of images and moreover you can also include video. Moreover you can also use Alt tags in the images for SEO.

There are several aspects that you can optimize your website post to rank higher on Google. This will actually helps to improve the quality of the content that you write for your website. The amount of content that you should include in your post has been proven more and more that google is giving better rankings to websites that has lots of information. The post with at least 1000 words have been doing better in getting rank higher on Google and other search engines. This will help you to get better ranking on Google. Sometimes people go to your website and spends a lots of time reading your content even going to other pages of your website. All this thing will tell Google that your website is providing good content and deserves to have a higher ranking inside of their search engines.