6 tips on how to build backlink with infographics

How to build backlink with infographics

Build Backlink: Do you dream of having a website with so many web visitor daily and increase in your business revenue and you don’t know how to go about it. I have the answer to your question and the answer is simple, it is called backlink.

A backlink is simply a link from another website back to your post or pages, this help to increase your website visitor and domain authority. Backlink increase website visitor because when other blogs include your link in their post when their very own visitor read the post they would click on the click back to your own very post or pages to learn more.

The advantage of backlink is not limited to website traffic but can also increase your blog domain authority when the links are Do follow. An increase in the number do follow backlinks to your website would increase your domain authority and gives your website higher ranking position in the SERP.

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Domain authority replaces the old Google PageRank to determine the SEO work of the website and also shows if the website backlink is increasing or decreasing. Domain authority is introduced by Moz and you can head to moz to check your website domain authority.

How To Build Backlink?

How do you make good backlinks?

Forget all those sites using black hat SEO in order to build backlink, it doesn’t last as Google would eventually find out and penalize your website.

If you want to build backlink using white hat SEO, then follows this method would help to build backlink without the fear of Google penalization.

  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Social Media
  • Infographic

I would show 6 tips on how to build backlink with an infographic and how it would help your business.

What is Infographic?

Infographic is simply using graphics design to pass information, data, or fact about a particular topic, it has now become a must-have for every website because it drives traffic to the site and also passes information to the visitor.

Infographic recent popularity makes it another way of building backlink to your website. I would explain 6 tips that will help you when to design your next infographic.

Improve Your Design

A great picture of the infographic can direct traffic to your website, a quick look at Pinterest trending pins shows that all the infographic all good design. The fonts should be visible to your reader and the design should be relevant to your reader.

If your infographic well designs, your client would be able to relate to your design and would show that you are an authority in your field which would lead to visit and eventually revenue to your business.

Include Data about the topic

Infographic with data about the topic would drive traffic to your business and if leverage the visitor you can convert them to sales thereby increasing your business revenue.

We live in a world where everybody a busy and the chance that people seeing your infographic are busy as well. By including data related to the topic, you would be able to portray your website as professional and authority in your field.

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A quick search on Google image would reveal several images, this image drive traffic to their respective website. If you properly SEO your infographic you would be able to get higher ranking for a keyword in the SERP.

Create an infographic with low competition and high search volume and make sure that your design stands out from the rest.

Make It Shareable

Image sharer helps you to share your infographic and image easy right from your website to social media. This way infographic would drive traffic to your website while you can install a plugin that makes it easier for other website owner or blogs that include your infographic on their blog.

Social Media

Social media is not a platform for you to only meet new people or share your picture. But you can use it to drive traffic to your website. Social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook can be used to drive traffic by sharing your infographic with this platform.

Reach Out To Bloggers

Blogger can support to improve your website traffic by using the infographic, after you design an infographic that is pack with data and well design, reach out to other bloggers in your niche and ask them if they would like to include your infographic in their old post. If they agree to send them an embedded code of the infographic and watch as your traffic increases and your blog domain authority increases as well.

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