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Rank higher in YouTube search

YouTube SEO: So how you can rank any single YouTube video for any single keyword. This is the perfect example of how any single YouTube video at any time can completely change your life or go viral. It all about ranking videos on YouTube, when you do that, you start showing up not only in search but also in suggested videos.

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YouTube SEO How to be a YouTuber ?

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1. Highlighting Keywords Phrase

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As it not just about selecting a keyword phrase that you are going to include in your title & tags. It’s more about identifying a keyword phrase that is going to be easier to rank for. So identify a keyword phrase you may like to target. For this just go to the YouTube search bar, when you find a phrase that make sense for your video, then you need to pay attention to how many video results are showing up in YouTube. This is a best technique & will provide you an idea of just how competitive it is going to be rank for your own video. The second thing is to pay attention to the top 10 video result on YouTube search. You will also notice that how well they are optimized for the keyword phrase that you like to target.

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First take the keyword phrase that you may target & then in a browser. Simply select edit option & then find, you are going to find the keyword phrase into the browser. So any video that have a video title or description which includes the exact keyword phrase is going to light up. The more videos that are highlighted really indicates that a lot of videos are already optimized.

2. YouTube Video Title

So create a video title that’s includes the target keyword phrase. The less words you add into your title, the more relevant your YouTube video title will be. Lots of people lack these ideas that is why they have difficulty ranking their videos. So the video title should be relevant with less words to get more juice that YouTube is going to give you. Put a relevant keyword phrase to the title with less words as to know what the video is all about.

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3. Suggested YouTube Tags

By putting relevant tags to your YouTube videos, you will drive even more views to your videos. So take the keyword phrase that you identified, enter that into YouTube & then see if you get additional suggested keyword for that phrase. This is also known as keyword stemming which basically means that one keyword phrase has stemmed & created a second one. Add those keyword phrases to your video tags to drive tons of views.

4. Thumbnail Magic

So when a viewer is on to the YouTube search, they are not reading but their brain is comprehending & searching for the right video. When a YouTuber creates a clean simple thumbnail with lesser words, that video is going to stand out. So you are going to get more clicks that means more views & retention.

5. Identify Keyword Phrase

If you identify the keyword phrase that you like to rank for first, all you need to do is to say those words. As you create & upload the videos, YouTube is going to create a closed captioning. YouTube will create the file as the closed caption. So when you say the words, then the target keyword phrase is not only in the title or tags but also in the closed caption. This will help your YouTube videos rank even better.

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6. TubeBuddy

You can also use TubeBuddy to rank your YouTube videos higher in search. TubeBuddy is the best for YouTube SEO.

So in these different ways your videos can rank up on to the YouTube search to get better rank in the search results. Moreover you can also try these YouTube SEO tricks for your new channel.

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