How to use snapchat on Android / iPhone

Use snapchat on Android / iPhone

Snapchat on Android / iPhone – Today in this tutorial we will going to discuss, how to use snapchat on Android or iPhone. You need to know everything about snapchat. On to the first screen, you will see the camera focusing. For navigation, you can do one or two thing. You can either swipe to the right for inbox and to the left for the stories. The stories section brings all your friends stories.

Snapchat control center

Further you will notice that, there is a magic button in the downward section of the snapchat. With the help of this button, you can take pictures by clicking on one time. You can also take a video of 10 seconds, if you hold down this button. There are lots more controls in the main screen. With the help of different controls, you can save your picture and videos to your device internal or external storage, control or pause sound.

There is a customization feature at the top right of snapchat. You can use as many as different stickers, you can turn around, zoom and fit these stickers on to the main screen. You can also add as many stickers on the main screen. Further you can also write, edit, zoom and change colors of text on the main screen. You can also make text turn around here and there on to the main screen.


The next customization feature is the pen. With the help of pen you can draw anything all over the main screen. Through pen tool, you can select and drag any color according to your need.

Snapchat filters

Snapchat filters

The another cool feature is the filter. There are many different kinds of filters like – Speed filters, Color filters, Fast motion filter, Super fast motion filter, Reverse filter, Tile filter, Temperature filter and many more. You can also take your own snap with these filters and send it to your friends on later time. Now moving further to the inbox screen, from here you need to know the three colors.

These colors are – Purple, Blue and Red. The purple color snapshot is related to the video. The blue color is related to the text and Red snapshot is related to a regular image or picture. Tapping on the right hand side, you can see different stories from different people you added.

Snapchat control center

You can also navigate down to you main control center. Here the navigation process is very easy. You can also navigate with the help of small buttons in the corners of the main screen. At the top there is a button called settings. Which is also known as your main control center. Up left you can see a little tutorial related to snapchat. You can also use to take your own image with your own code. It is basically when people scan your code to find you on snapchat.

So these are some of the basic things to remember to operate your account of snapchat on Android / iPhone.


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