How to know recent Twitter visitors on your Website / Blog

How to know Recent Twitter Visitors

Recent Twitter visitors – Today i am gonna show you who viewed your website or blog with twitter profile online or recent Twitter visitors who is watching your blog or website. You can track your twitter viewers easily. Moreover, you can use any web browser to track your twitter viewers to know know recent Twitter visitors. It is a simple way to get the service and you just need to have your own Twitter account for this. To know the list your Twitter visitors, you need to add a third party website know as Twitter counter [ ]. You can sign in to Twitter counter via Twitter account.

After sign in, you can see your own twitter stats on the main dashboard of Twitter counter. Through Twitter counter, you can easily track your followers who follow you on Twitter. You can also track your recent Twitter visitors with the help of Twitter counter. As twitter counter provides a widget to trace your Twitter profile visitors on your website very easily with the help of a short java script code.

View recent Twitter visitors


You can use this code to your own website or blog to know recent Twitter visitors. This Twitter widget provides you the unique insight to know who visits your website or blog. Through this widget, you will know who is engaged on your site or blog and can directly add them on Twitter. This Twitter widget is the perfect way to build your own community and get more and more Twitter friends online.

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Let me show you how is it possible with the help of Twitter Counter.

Recent Twitter visitors
Recent Twitter visitors

Recent Twitter visitors
Recent Twitter visitors

In the main dashboard

Go to Services and click on My Widget to get your own java script code. Trough Twitter counter you can track down your own Twitter stats. You can also customize your own Twitter Widget. In this widget you can change your , Numbers of rows, Width, Header and Rules, Width, Header and Rules, Text, Link and Backgrounds.

Recent Twitter visitors
Recent Twitter visitors

Through this widget you can also interact with the people having their own twitter profile. You can easily build a large community of your own Twitter followers easily. Moreover you can visit their twitter handle to know more about the person who recently visited your website or blog. You can follow and send message to that person to follow back on your own twitter profile.

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