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After using a buddy’s console for a very long time, you would certainly eventually think about purchasing a console for yourself. The issue would certainly be which console is the best between Xbox One, Xbox One S and also Xbox One X. Making a choice can be challenging. Unwind; we are below to bail you out. We would highlight the difference between these gaming consoles based upon their specifications, attributes, and rates. Keep in mind that the price quoted below excludes video game console skins and controller skin. So, allow’s go!

So what is the difference between Xbox One Xbox One S and Xbox One X? Which is better Xbox One or Xbox One S?


Xbox One Vs Xbox One S Vs Xbox One X

Xbox One is the first in the Xbox One series. Complied With by Xbox One S as well as Xbox One X is one of the most current consoles. Xbox One S is a mid-tier console that looks very solid and also sleek. Xbox One S can be found in different storage sizes – 500 Gigabytes, 1 Terabyte, and 2 Terabytes. If you are thinking about buying an Xbox console that won’t put an opening in your pocket, you can go for Xbox One S of 500 Gigabytes which is around $300; video game console skins and controller skin are not consisted of. Yet if you need something effective and you have a deep pocket, you can go with the impressive Xbox One X. Xbox One X is a significant improvement on Xbox One S.

HDR, Blu-ray and Streaming Features

Xbox One sustains Blu-ray discs, however, does not sustain UHD Blu-ray or 4k streaming. The Xbox One S sustains 4k streaming conveniently. Xbox One S additionally sustains HDR – High Dynamic Range. The Xbox One doesn’t sustain HDR. Xbox One S and Xbox One X job well with 4k TELEVISION; which means you can take pleasure in playing video games on a 4k TV screen. Xbox One S has crisp and also sharp colors, however, Xbox One X photos are far better and crispier.

The Xbox One does not sustain video playback while Xbox One S and Xbox One X both assistance. Xbox One S doesn’t support a 4k resolution which Xbox One X supports perfectly. Xbox One S only supports 4k resolution when it involves seeing movies but not pc gaming. Both consoles assistance HDR for some games. Xbox One X has excellent immersing images because of its 4k resolution support.


When it pertains to design, Xbox One X is a bit smaller than Xbox One S. The power buttons for both are put conveniently. For Xbox One, the console is big and heavy even without game console skins and also the power switch is extremely touch-sensitive as well as its controller sync switch is positioned annoyingly. Xbox One S looks much better than its precursor – Xbox One. The Xbox One S can be found in a gleaming matte-white that makes it a whole lot a lot more appealing than the Xbox One. Xbox One S can stand upright while Xbox One can just stand horizontally. When it comes to size, it is an instance of the smaller, the merrier. Xbox One S is smaller when contrasted to the Xbox One, while Xbox One X is smaller sized when contrasted to Xbox One S.


While both Xbox One S, as well as Xbox One X, can providing very same UHD resolution, it has to be stated that their performance isn’t the same. The Xbox One X has got various parts that fit well with every one of the mid-range video gaming COMPUTER of this contemporary age, however, Xbox One S is still using some technology that is not too different from that of Xbox One.

Operating System

Something that all these 3 consoles share is their Os (OS). They all are operated on Windows 10; which indicates they work with all PCs on Windows 10.


Final thought

If you get on a spending plan, you can opt for Xbox One S of 500 Gigabytes version which $300. It is better to choose Xbox One S rather than the Xbox One since the cost difference is unqualified $50. Xbox One X prices about $500.

If you want to delight in a leading performance as well as the latest innovation that Xbox console has to use, you must opt for Xbox One X We really hope making a decision on which console to acquire is a lot simpler now. Additionally, make factors to consider for console skins. There are Xbox One X skin and also Xbox one X decal gaming console skins for Xbox One X, Xbox One S sticker for Xbox One S and Xbox One skin for Xbox One. All the best!

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