How to buy a Gaming projector? Best for playing Gaming

Buy a Gaming projector

So how to get the best gaming projector. In this age of digitization, it is needless to say that technology has advanced in huge leaps and bounds. Yes, there has been remarkable development not just in the field of medical sciences but the magic of technology has also seeped into the crazy world of gaming. All the hardcore gamers out there would definitely agree with me. There is a reason why projectors or home theatre consoles are slowly replacing TV as people want to experience everything bigger and better.

Imagine you playing your favorite game on a 100 inches wall than maybe just 50 inches on your TV. Blacked out rooms, wall-sized graphics and out of the world sound effects is every game lover’s dream come true. Isn’t that fantastic? Some amount of patience is all you require to set up a kickass gaming projector. Well, if you are a gamer it’s not a big deal of course.

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There are various gaming projectors available in the market today. For example, Optima, BenQ, Epson, and others to name. One good news for all is there are plenty of HD projectors available at affordable prices. So, one need not worry about the resolution or the quality of the graphics.

But, before you jump into any decision and spend a bomb on any random projector, here are a few features which you should consider while buying.

What projector is best for gaming?

What is a good contrast ratio for a projector?

So what is the refresh rate of a projector?

Gaming projector – Features to look for

Sound quality/effects

Powerful sound with rich quality is what you should look out for in any gaming projector. Most of the projectors today have an inbuilt speaker. Thus, an external speaker is not at all required. But one has to keep in mind if it provides only an average quality of sound as compared to a TV. Good sound effects make a whole lot of difference and escalate the experience of the game to another level. Imagine playing your ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Assassins Creed’ with poor sound quality. Can’t imagine, isn’t it?

Resolution and Brightness

The resolution in most of the projectors may range from 720p and to 1080p. To fully experience the game on a wide length screen, one should go with 1080p. 4k is also picking up the pace though not as much as 1080 HD. They are cost effective and provide a better gaming experience.

Visual effects also stand as one of the main factors for gamers while buying a projector. The image quality and the brightness has to be perfect to give a 360-degree experience for the player. It would depend upon the quality of the images and how vibrant they are so that it’s clearly visible even in a room with medium light. Anything over 1000 lumens would be sufficient for normal screen space.


Do keep a check on the number of connectors like a USB port or an audio jack, is available in a projector. It should be versatile and should provide enough connectivity to the user. As compared to a TV, projectors may provide more connectivity in the form of different HDMI ports.


One might wonder how much all of this would cost. Well, a good 1080p projectors are quite cost-effective and competent as well. They could easily go up to 5 years without any hassles. It gives more insight to purchase a cheaper projector but never compromise with the quality. Good news for all is that there are plenty of bestselling projectors available in the market which are also quite affordable. Go for brands like BenQ or Epson which are cheaper and also better!

Refresh rates

Refresh rates simply mean the ability of a projector to process a video or an image in a game. If there is a lag or if the image does not seem smooth enough, then it might stand as a hurdle for gamers. Time lags and delay in processing the image is kind of a big deal in the gaming zone! So please do look out for this.


Majority of the projectors today in the market are quite lightweight and easy to fix in any given location. Unlike TV, they are relatively easier to maintain. If you plan a gaming night at your friend’s place then there is no big thing in carrying your super cool projector. It can be easily connected and placed in the middle of the room or also can be mounted to the ceiling.


Any good quality projector can be considered for movies or an office presentation but not for gaming.  BenQ TH670 has been considered as the best and also an affordable projector by experts. Cheap quality projectors are a big NO in the gaming world as it destroys the whole vibe. It is better to opt for television than a projector which does not qualify any of the above parameters. Even the non-gamers should experience the fantastic imagery that a projector creates on the big screen. Well then be ready for an unflinching and nervy gaming encounter.

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