Why Brands now more choosing Ecommerce rather than Physical Stores

High Street Giants Closing

Choosing Ecommerce: There was a time when people used to go to a certain retailer match things and shop for an appropriate item. This traditional method took days for one to decide what he/she is going to purchase. The amount of human contact increased making a whole new experience for both buyer and seller. Then slowly we all got diverted towards internet and E-retailers.

choosing ecommerce
Choosing Ecommerce

Ecommerce took over traditional shops making it convenient for the buyer, be at one place book your stuff and Voila! Your order will reach home. I remember the time when I wanted to sell my laptop me and my uncle went to a computer store which wasn’t far from our place. The shopkeeper examined the laptop and Bid a very fair price which we didn’t expect it to be.

Choosing Ecommerce Trends

Then we decided to talk to the people in our network PR was once considered the main source for all such things and this is how we were able to sell my old laptop. This has become totally opposite in the days of the internet we call it. You just have to choose an appropriate UK price comparison site posted a picture of your product, let say I want to sell my iPod all I have to do is post a picture along with its specs and condition and let people contact me. The one offering good price will get my iPod and the payment would be transferred to my account immediately.

High Trends

This trend has become a part of our lives. We are so busy that instead of going out on the streets to look for something. We simply dig out the search engine and get ourselves the thing. Coping with it many major brands created their online presence to facilitate their customers. Little did they knew that the online trend would become so In common that people would stop visiting street outlets. Let’s for instance talk about bookstores. How many bookshops did you know that are still running on the streets? A few only! Once a week, it was said that one should visit a nearby store to read and collect some bestsellers and also talk to strangers that could somehow become the acquaintance and then friends.

Relating to this example I just quoted, do you remember staples? Having an online presence benefited them agreed but what happened to their physical store why they had to shut down in Europe despite earning profits. The answer to the question was merely competition. Didn’t I mention before, the online presence is easy to make but to cope with the competition isn’t. But if you manage to gain the trust of people it becomes quite easy. Such thing happened with staples one the street giants and they had to shut down their physical store.

choosing ecommerce
Choosing Ecommerce

Choosing Ecommerce online stores

Moving on, do you remember Toys are us? The US giant for toys. They seem to have been facing the exact same problem in Europe. There are million online stores now that provide items at less cost in total some provide free delivery as well. So why visit the store when that facilitate everything. Online stores have created such a boundary with high marketing skills to keep people intact that many brands fail to do so and had to face closure.

Take another very common example, how did you watch movies? Probably going to the cinema or getting a rental from the Blockbusters. Remember how the whole family gathered to watch a specific movie or a documentary. What happened now? It all shifted to watch online movies at one’s ease. Netflix took over and now with just one click, everything is in front of you so no more hassle.

Where to sell my console where to sell my PSP? If this was the question you ask a person they would simply reply to visit Dixons or curry digital. They also had to turn over their physical store because of the losses they had to bear. Today one snap and here you go millions of people are willing to buy your product whether it be eBay or Amazon. They all have replaced the old shopping methods for all the people, not just Europe.

Choosing Ecommerce platform

What came next was more dreadful for many traditional shopkeepers. Along with the internet there came the evolution of mobile phones and applications. So now many have an application to shop from. Download the app instead of logging into the website place an order whether it be consumer products or anything else than that. It will be delivered to you in no time. What’s more beneficial is that if you’re interested in buying something that isn’t available in your region by paying some pennies you can now have that as well. Consider this, it’s your friend’s birthday you didn’t have time to buy him gifts. So just look for it online and you will find a bunch of site with flowers and special occasions gifts which they send them upon your request along with a special message to make it better. Isn’t this cool.

Do you remember the time when the entire family used to go shopping for carpets? Do you remember carpet right? Moms especially used to take out time from their daily busy schedule and the whole family used to visit the outlet to choose carpets for their entire house. Every person had their opinions and the final decision was made after that. Thing changes technology took over so did traditional shopping ways. Now you just call them and get yourself a counselor who suggests to you what would be better to buy and how to style it.


Yes, we totally agree that over the past few years technology and the internet have taken over and traditional ways. As it almost comes to an end but still we say there is no comparison of the things that we buy from the street stores. Moreover, the product seeing it with your own eye and feeling it and then judging is a whole experience and no matter what cannot be replaced.

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