Top Useful Content Marketing Platforms 2019

Content Marketing Platforms

Marketing in business is considered to be the vital element to make the potential customers to be transformed into the customers. What marketing does to business is another question. But here the thing is that how marketing has changed in recent times. Well, since technology has been inducted in the systems of the world. People have started to develop mediums to operate everything on technological mediums. The same has happened with marketing. In the early ages, marketers used print media to market their products and companies but do you see any such things now? All you probably see is digital marketing now which includes social media marketing, Content marketing, SEO and other such things.

Out of all these what inspired me the most was Content marketing. I personally feel that every digital marketing tool is somehow dependent upon content marketing. If not exactly then surely with some of the means. Content marketing is said to be a technique that involves content generation in order to make the company information or product to be marketed to the target audience. Moreover, this is widely used in the current business structures. Content marketing could be done through a number of platforms.

content marketing

What is a content marketing platform?

Some of the platforms have been listed below.

1. Hubspot

This is one of the premiers in the industry of content marketing. It is an integrated marketing platform that offers its user a chance to make the content to be posted. It has more than 300 thousand subscribers and 1 million followers which give these marketers a good accessibility and reachability to market their desired product or organization. The content, however, is not created without a quality check and Hubspot maintains a standard quality in content. It as well as highlights the trendiest and most important things through content which has made this platform to become one of the successful in the industry of marketing.

2. SalesForce

Salesforce is another genius idea in the field of integrated marketing and more specifically content marketing. The best thing about Salesforce is that it makes the posts that are useful for readers as well as our search engine optimized which is beneficial for both the customers as well as the businesses. This is done to convert the readers into customers with making them visit the pages of companies through search engine optimization techniques.

3. Wikipedia

You would have heard about Wikipedia only as an encyclopedia or an information sharing website right? But what if I say that it is a content marketing platform as well. Professional Wikipedia Page Creator has got the ideas to make your marketing to be done through this platform. It might be hard for other people but the professionals could make it happen. It also allows the backlinking in order to get traffic on your websites. Because Wikipedia is mainly based on written content and is among the most viewed websites in the world. As it gave an idea to the marketers to market their products and organization through it. By making the progressions on breaking into the guidelines and requirements of Wikipedia.

4. CMO by Adobe

This is a content hub by Adobe which is a perfect example of making the posts about brands to make the customers to be benefitted. This is done through quality articles and well-thought interface. As it makes the targeting and segmentation of the customers to be easy. It is also made to be supplemented with the visual aids to make the users stay longer. This serves the purposes of marketing the brands and organizations.

5. Facebook

You would be amazed to see this name here. But Facebook actually could be used for content marketing with effectiveness and results which could be really great through this platform. Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites which allows content in form of writing, videos, and graphical images. This gives content marketers a chance to get through this platform and market their products or services. The platform allows everything and has minimum restrictions. Moreover, the reachability is amazing which is why this is listed in the top marketing platforms.

content marketing

All of the listed platforms are considered to be the best in recent times. Each of them has got high accessibility and reachability which makes marketing professionals be interested in these platforms. As to market or promote their services and products. But it is not because of the platforms that content marketing has grown in recent times. It is also because this form has made people be interested and people like to read content related to different things. Thus, marketers or digital marketers contemplated this technique to bring the best results.

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