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Best Business VPN

A Business VPN: They say learning is the eye of the mind. This is what I usually tell people starting or operating their own businesses too. It is impervious to stay updated on the hottest in the industry. After all, a good mind possesses a kingdom of knowledge. One such wisdom that bids sharing is the usage of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in a business setup. It is comprehensible if the concept sounds a little alien…

Just think of it this way. There are already millions, who use VPNs for personal security, but imagine how businesses can benefit with such a technology? In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. If you want to be the lion in the jungle of your niche, you might find this article an interesting read. Learn how you can power your business with a VPN and outsmart the competition.

But… first thing is first!

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What Is A Business VPN?

Business VPNs work in a similar way as the Illuminati does for celebrities. Excuse the bad example, but I only meant to expand your horizons, regarding its usage in a business atmosphere. These remarkable privacy tools give entrepreneurs the ability to safeguard crucial operations and information sent/received by employees. They provide strong encryption to your business devices’ internet connection.

This, in turn, delivers a secure web connection to all devices of the company, even if they are not on premises. Meaning: employees located in different countries can access your company data, in a way that is private and secure from advertisers, competitors, governments, hackers, and fake Wi-Fi hotspots! Sounds convincing? Wait till you hear more! Below are a set of benefits VPNs grant to businesses.

Enhanced Security – VPNs Reduce the Risk of Cyberattacks and Breaches

A standard online connection does not utilize any encryption or security protocols. You might have antiviruses and firewalls in place. However, even these tools are vulnerable to intrusion by hackers. They only defend you against known Trojans, malware, and viruses. Not to mention, they are only effective, if their virus signature database is up to date.

I know being targeted by a hacker sounds like a Fugazi to many. It only happens SOMETIMES, right? This is where most people are mistaken though! Only the biggest breaches generally make the headlines. In reality, there is a huge rise in cyber attacks. A Symantec report revealed that from 2014 to 2015, there was a massive 125% increase in zero-day vulnerabilities and hacks.

By using a VPN that offers end-to-end encryption to all business data, you can safeguard your practice. Since employees will be off public networks, you also reduce the likelihood of your company being targeted by cybercriminals. Individuals who will use any route to gain access to internal documents, sensitive customer/client information, and other trade secrets!

Encourages Productivity – Safe and Secure Data Sharing Wherever You Go

The digital world brings with it tremendous benefits and pitfalls. Those employees aware of the vulnerabilities the internet presence may vary of logging into public networks. And, if they regularly travel to different countries for work? Well, you can bet they feel pressured on keeping private data, PRIVATE. Peace of mind is crucial for productivity, and that is exactly what VPNs offer!

One of the most powerful uses of a business VPN is that keeps all data between cohorts, colleagues, bosses, and clients safe and secure! Since you connect a SECURE tunnel only accessible to your company workforce, you can feel assured no information goes in the hands of the wrong people. While files are uploaded to networks inside the company, they are encrypted with strong ciphers.

Sounds kind of far-fetched? It actually is not! Famous providers in the marketplace of VPNs utilize military grade, AES-256-CBC or AES-256-GCM with 4096-bit RSA keys, and MD5 HMAC authentication. Some may use variants with other more powerful keys and hash authentications for data channels and control channels, which further boost the security on your company network!

Remote Data Access – Travel Abroad and Stay in your Hometown Concurrently!

Business VPNs present tremendous capabilities to employees who travel abroad regularly. You will not have to worry about taking all your data with you. In fact, even if you forget your phone somewhere, or your laptop gets stolen, you will not have to worry about your data being held, hostage. This is why companies are turning more towards cloud storage solutions.

Now, imagine if there was a way to securely connect to your cloud and network, even if you are not connected to the company internet? This is exactly what a VPN does! If you give your employees dedicated IPs, they can travel abroad while still staying in their hometown! A local IP address will grant access to company files, while unauthorized IPs will be denied entry.

Avoid International Censorship – Bypass Content Restrictions/Limitations

As countries move towards being global leaders, the need for censorship is increasing significantly. You can find many international websites and even VoD services impose geo-restrictions. This limits users from outside the country from accessing crucial DATA! If your employees regularly travel to countries where internet censorship is common, VPNs can offer tremendous versatility.

These privacy tools come equipped with shared IPs that mask your original location. Dynamic IPs also keep your identity hidden, ensuring that no website can trace your activity back to you. As such, employees can benefit greatly, particularly those who need access to vital foreign data. You can access all services smoothly, without running into bottlenecks from a censorship ban.

Low-Cost Tool – A Great Number of Benefits at an Affordable Rate!

Investing in a VPN upgrade for your business may sound like an unnecessary expense. One that seems costly, but this is further from the truth. Prices may vary, depending on the provider you choose. However, most VPNs will start at $10 per month or lower. This makes VPNs an affordable option for every business, particularly those dealing with sensitive information.

If it still does not sound convincing, you can even leverage amazing discounts. Black Friday VPN deals are already live, granting users from all backgrounds and industries maximum security/privacy at some of the best rates. Add this to the VPNs capability of permitting snappier access to online data, you can only imagine the costs you will be cutting while leveraging enhanced security!

Wrapping Things Up

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her. The same goes for those who believe in expanding their horizons for the love and growth of their business. If you are among those like-minded individuals, you can probably see how beneficial a VPN can prove. I will even go as far as saying that your clients will feel more secure with such a privacy tool in place. Yes, you heard that right!

If you collect data from customers/clients, you can help in soothing their worries by utilizing a VPN. Of course, not many may understand how a VPN works and what using one entails for a business, but a little education always goes a long way. After all, who would not want to rely on a corporation that goes the extra mile in keeping their customers’ data secure? 😉

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