Top must have Apple TV apps to download

Top Apple TV Apps

Apple TV is a great platform to watch awesome movies and TV shows. As it is a great place to find amazing games too. Moreover Apple TV is packed full of triple A and indie titles and it is improving and going quickly.

Apple TV
Apple TV Apps

myTuner Radio

The first app you need to download for your Apple TV is myTuner Radio. This App is basically an App to steam any radio from any country worldwide. Here you can search for any country radio station or you can browse categories and choose the best one you like most.


Netflix – It will gives you top picks of media and let you continue watching different things that are currently trending. In the main menu, there are lots of different categories, predictions and basically all the stuff that Netflix is known for.

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Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon prime video is here on Apple TV. The TV OS version of the App supports 4K HDR. It will also support universal search and prime content which will show up in Apple TV App like Netflix. It will also bring the non-awaited sports feature, where you can pick your favorite teams and watch their games in connected Apps.


Yahoo Sport

The yahoo sport is obviously about sport and results. You can of course download Apps like NBA or NHL etc. When you open the App for the first time, you can choose your favorite teams to get information about them. NBA is one of the best Apps to get coverage of your favorite sports event.

Hulu Live

There are now four different versions of Hulu – the regular DVR, on demand version, on demand without commercial and live on demand without commercial. The navigation in the new Hulu App is completely changed, you have primary tab on the top and sub menu below that.


HBO GO has a pretty good watch list. They have a wide varieties of movies featuring all action, comedy, drama, family, horror, romance and suspense etc. They also have HBO series with lots of good shows.

Echo Weather

Echo – It is the regular weather App but it is really good optimized for Apple TV. Moreover you can search for any place together. You can also browse the map with ability to zoom in and out.

Kitchen stories

Kitchen Stories – This is an essential App for those who like cooking and preparing dishes. It is a very useful and you can also find many different kinds of video recipes. So it’s definitely a great App to check out.

Flex Fitness

Flex Fitness – As it is only one of the App that is completely free. This App is great one for beginners. Here you can see all your basic exercises. It shows you, how to do these exercises. Once you go through and learn these, you can do anywhere in your house. This fitness App tells you what you are gonna be doing.


This App has full length videos like yoga exercises, circuit training and lots of stuff. They do have a 7 day free trial, so you can try out all the fitness exercises that they have to offer. With the help of Rocker, you can also schedule out videos for yourself. It also has really great healthy cooking videos. So you can work out and get your body in shape with the good food you are eating.

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