Essential instagram stories Apps for iOS/Android

Instagram stories Apps

Instagram stories Apps – If you like to improve your Instagram page and make your profile more beautiful, engaging, you have to invest yourself and make beautiful Instagram stories. So here are the best apps for Instagram stories to create amazing Instagram storytelling.

Top apps for creating Instagram stories

In Shot

This App is perfect for resizing anything. It facilitates both video and photos. You are able to change music, background color, speed up or slow down your video clip and turn out unwanted portion of your videos. Moreover, you can also edit more than one image at a time by applying customizations to any file you have up in your library. You can also utilize the collage feature, as it accommodates square images.

instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: In Shot for Android

Download: In Shot for iOS

Frame Magic

In frame magic, you can create a collage. For this, you need to go to the grid and choose the layout of your choice. The cool thing is that you can change the shape of your college. You go to shape and add some margins, shadows, and borders etc. You can also change the ratio of your college that is 9/16. Add text to some of your pictures by writing some random phrase. Moreover, they have lots of different typos that looks really cool. Finally, save your work and it is now ready to post on Instagram stories.

instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: Frame Magic for Android

Download: Frame Magic for iOS


As this is not a free App. This App is perfect for people that like engaging what their audience is simply telling stories. When you have a video that exceeds Instagram 15 seconds cap, it cuts everything up seamlessly. It does all of the legwork for you and it’s the best part of storeo. You simply upload your extra-long video into a story. Then it cuts into portions and saves them as separate videos in your camera roll.

instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: Storeo for Android

Download: Storeo for iOS


To launch the application in your device. The interface is very very easy. You have video, photo or college etc. As it enables you to fit your photo into insta stories dimension that won’t be stretched out. You can select canvas and choose 9/16 dimensions that’s the golden ratio that you should memorize. Moreover, you can save your picture by clicking save button on the upright corner. After saving, your photo or picture is in camera roll and further ready to post on Instagram.

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instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: InstaShot for Android

Download: InstaShot for iOS

Hype Type

Hype type uses the device camera. So you swipe it up and choose your own picture. After choosing a picture, it’s ready. Just double tap your text to put text on it. You can go to text, choose the color and apply to it. you also have a lot of inbuilt filters available. Choose any one filter and it’s done.

instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: Hype Type for Android

Download: Hype Type for iOS

Vigo Video

As it enables you to create stories using your favorite music on it. First, go to Vigo Video and click on plus sign to choose your picture. Now choose your music or suggested music in Vigo Video suggestions. After selecting or adding your music, you can drag your song to the moment you need to start. Now go to draw section in Vigo Video. Just write the text and it will play with the music. The coolest thing about Vigo Video is that they have effects which make your stories even more engaging and magical. Moreover, Vigo Video is a social network and you can also share your flips with your friends, community etc. When you share it, you can download it on your phone and upload it to the stories.

instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: Vigo Video for Android

Download: Vigo Video for iOS

8MM Vintage Camera

8-millimeter application films your videos with vintage filters. 8 MM is very easy to use. Just go to the application and you already have your camera interface. You can choose your filters by swiping up and down in the left corner. Then you just click on the recording button to record your video. 8 MM saves your video automatically in your camera roll. So you don’t have to click on anywhere and post it on Instagram stories.

instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: 8MM Vintage Camera for Android

Download: 8MM Vintage Camera for iOS


This App is not specifically geared towards Instagram stories, as it covers so many platforms. In canva, you have the opportunity to select pre-made templates for a variety of social media outlet. When you hit the story icon, you can see the tons of templates to start with. Everything is completely customizable. Change out the stock images and replace them with your own. You can also add stickers, text, fonts, and background color etc. Once you are all done with your masterpiece, you can save your image to your camera roll. When you go to upload insta stories, the uploading is easily done.

instagram stories Apps
instagram stories Apps

Download: Canva for Android

Download: Canva for iOS

So these are the best Instagram story ideas. I hope you found these Instagram stories Apps to be helpful. So download these Instagram story editor apps and find them useful as other people do.

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