Technology behind China glass bridge | The crack effect

China glass bridge Technology

The world’s number one overhand skywalk. It is similar to the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the United States. The China glass bridge had just broken the Guinness book of world record. It has a larger & longer span of the glass cross panels. Most of the tourists came here to walk through this glass to experience their fears. It is one of the scariest glass walk-in Tianmen Mountain Zhangjiajie, China. The whole bridge is totally built up at the top cliff edge with its main part hanging out into the sky. It’s very spectacular & thrilling scenery. It is a dangerous bridge & difficult to walk around. It is the largest suspension glass bridge in the whole world. As it is 590 feet tall & 984 feet in breath costing 39 million dollars.

china glass bridge

The panel of china glass bridge

Each panel of the walkway has three layers of toughened glass. It is strongly supported by wires. Moreover, the Grand Canyon glass bridge is named by Chinese. It can support the weight of 800 people. The thickness of this glass is 5 cm & each panel is pasted in a special way so that there was no space between the panels. Each panel has a thickness of 1.5 cm. It is scary to walk on this Chinese bridge. Moreover, it is safe to walk on this beautiful bridge.

The glass technology in the bridge is 25 times better than the normal mirror glass. The block of one mirror weight 140 Kg. By chance, if these three panels of the glass were cracked then the glass will not fall out easily.

The cracking effect of china glass bridge

China has added a special effect to a glass-bottomed walkway. Using sensors & other kinds of tricks, the walkway glass floor appears to shatter as tourists walk on the bridge. As the bridge is 3900 feet above the sea level along a mountain cliff. For those people who don’t know about this trick, it could be a fearful experience for them. The sensors down the glass have been installed to detect any kind of human movement so that the cracks follow your step as someone walks over the glass.

Watch/Play The Cracking Effect

The Chinese engineers also make some other things that create more thrill & fun on the bridge. As they made a virtual reality cracking effect on that bridge which makes a skywalk even scariest. While walking you feel some sort of crack underneath your feet. In few seconds it’s all gone & bridge becomes normal.

Hitting test by sledgehammer & a running car

As this unique test includes hitting the glass by sledgehammer & a car drive over. Moreover, there are four rounds & each round will be stronger & harder than the previous one. The 1st round starts with a 2083 KG SUV car with 5 passengers drove over the glass bridge. The 2nd round includes 10 female volunteers hitting the glass by sledgehammer 5 times each. As everyone is concerned about the safety of the glass.

china glass bridge
Credits: BBC

Even some of the test has been made on this bridge like smashing a big hammer by engineers & driving a car or truck over the bridge at slow speed. This Chinese bridge has passed both the test to show its strength & flexibility. This is an awesome technology that is only available in China. Feel the reality, fear, fun & excitement with this latest beautiful skywalk technology. The glass bridge is pretty safe for the visitors.

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