How gorilla glass is made? Corning gorilla glass

How gorilla glass is made?

Corning gorilla glass has been used on more than 4.5 billion devices. Gorilla glass delivers damage resistance to help with stand every day wear and tear scratch resistance. It is superior to plastic and other competitive glasses with outstanding optics so photos and videos look crisp and clear. Touch sensitivity for constant texting, swiping and interacting etc.

Corning gorilla glass
Corning Gorilla glass

Corning gorilla glass is a new glass solution that raises the bar of toughness against drops higher than average all the way up to 1.6 meters. The best part of gorilla glass is that, it increases drop protection while still delivering the damage resistance. The optical clarity and touch sensitivity gorilla glass is famous for. Manufacturers who use gorilla glass on their mobile devices can provide consumers the ultimate in high resolution touch enable devices.

Corning gorilla glass manufacturing process

So what makes gorilla glass such a popular choice for manufacturers and what sets it apart from the other glass. The corning uses a process called ion exchange to strengthen gorilla glass. Gorilla glass is chemically tempered. The glass is always weaker in tension. As to increase the tension, the glass can take engineers can pre-stress the surface of the glass with that ion exchange process.

Corning gorilla glass
iphone 7 Gorilla glass

Gorilla glass screen protector

Basically they are taking smaller sodium ion and replacing them with the larger potassium ion. This puts compressive force on to the surface of the glass. Now that those ions aren’t exchanged and the compression is applied. Any force needs to overcome that compressive force before it can put tension on the glass. But that ion exchange process isn’t what sets gorilla glass apart not completely.

How glass breaks?

The glass is only as strong as its imperfection. Any surface scratches can significantly weaken the overall strength of that piece of glass. The normal glass holds 7.64 pounds of force where as unscratched gorilla glass holds 78.06 pounds. Its a big improvement over standard window glass. That is why gorilla glass is the popular choice for the manufacturers around the world. Its ability to retain strength after suffering surface imperfections is what sets apart from any other glass in the market.

The gorilla glass is just a brand name that is used by a company named Corning incorporated. As they describe the gorilla glass as a thin though glass that they make.

Corning gorilla glass
Gorilla glass

Benefits of gorilla glass

  1. It is easier to clean
  2. It is more difficult to scratch
  3. Harder to break
  4. More flexible
  5. Outstanding optical clarity

Gorilla glass iPhone

Definitely the gorilla glass 4 is much thinner and more flexible as compared to gorilla glass 3 in iPhone. The maker of the gorilla glass says that the gorilla glass 4 is twice as strong as from gorilla glass 3.

Gorilla glass 4 scratch test

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