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Oculus Rift – virtual reality development

Oculus dash, Dash is supposed to be the new command center for your Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is the first really powerful VR headset you can buy. It is a piece of technology that feels like something out of science fiction. The most revolutionary VR brings your whole body into a game. Before we actually plug into virtual reality, we should talk about how the Rift looks because Oculus has some excellent design work here.

oculus rift

Right now it’s mainly a piece of gaming hardware but it’s also a way to experience new environments and change, the way you interact with the reality. As it is really the first high powered mass market virtual reality headset. It is the coolest piece of VR tech available on the market right now.

Oculus rift specs

Oculus vr

It’s weight just over a pound and feels pretty balanced on your head. It is dual 1200 * 1080 AMOLED display beaming images to each of your eyes with 90 hz refresh rate. The device also includes integrated headphones that lets you experience 3D audio which is a revolutionary technology. This technology lets you hear exactly where noise is coming from.

At launch, the Rift just includes an Xbox one controller, but coming soon the Oculus touch controllers. As they allows you an immersive experience that’s so much richer. It almost feels like a completely different next generation product. You can flawlessly sue the controllers to interact with in game objects like in real life. The touch controllers will really expand the scope of what the Rift is capable of.

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oculus rift
oculus rift


oculus rift eye tracking

With the Oculus Rift, you can actually move through space with positional tracking. Rift is the first generation product by all means. As it sleek by today’s standards but definitely still bulky. Low display lag is absolutely crucial in VR to maintain a sense of presence and help prevent motion sickness.

All the Oculus part comes in black carrying case with the magnetic top. As it has a great texture and the actual hardware looks even better. The Rift doesn’t look like a gaming device, as it looks classy for a big face mask. The most important is the headset, but there is also a tracking camera plus an Xbox one controller that is used for most of the games. A little remote that can be used for very simple games or for controlling video. Oculus has its own App with a game catalog, which you can use either inside or outside VR. The Oculus Rift is launching with 30 games that cost from $ 5 – $ 60.

Rift tracking system

The Rift tracking system means, you can lean around like you are looking over a table top model. It’s a small smart system and probably the least likely to make motion sick. The camera isn’t moving until you move your physical body. Moreover you can play lots of these games just as easy on a normal PC or console screen. There are lots of games that you will want to sit on a chair and play. It is a fact that it can put your body into an experience.

The virtual reality is not just about the video games. Oculus has photo and video Apps, so you can see 360 degree movies and pictures. Moreover you can also watch 2D video or anything stored on your hard drive. Oculus has put a lots of non-gaming on the gear VR. The Oculus Rift lets you have new experience that would be totally impossible outside virtual reality. Oculus mostly adding an extra dimension to more familiar ones.

VR experience

VR is a fundamentally new computing platform. As we will use every day to work play and connect. We are constantly pushing forward in hardware and how we are realizing this future through software. Over the past year the company rebuilt Rifts core software experience from the ground up. To lay the foundation of the future of VR computing, the company call it Rift core 2.0.

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