Official FIX “Can’t Reach Oculus Runtime” Oculus Rift patch

Official FIX – Oculus Rift patch

Oculus Rift patch – Let’s say you woe up today and as a normal Oculus Rift gamer and you went to your Oculus Rift headset and play some brass tactics or play something you want to fire up. If you try to do this today, you probable got a big error message that flashed on your PC screen.

oculus rift patch


Can’t Reach Oculus Runtime Service

Your Oculus software may be updating please wait a minute and try again. If the issue continue contact Oculus support.

Yes there is a problem with the Oculus runtime service. Nobody can use their Oculus Rift headset, but you need to go and jump through a number of hoops if you want your oculus rift to work. So apparently what this relates to, as there is an expired certificate on the oculus App framework.DLL which is causing all of these problems. As the certificates expires on March 7th 2018 & basically as soon as this certificate expired, it has caused all these problems.

oculus rift patch

So all these Oculus owners worldwide that are trying to use their Oculus Rift headset, they are running into this problem. Because of this expired certificate, it is kicking everybody into this message.

So what the Oculus Company is doing about this?

Well obviously they know about this. As they are well aware of the situation. Nate Mitchell of Oculus has tweeted out.

“We are aware of an issue affecting Rift on PC, and we’re working on resolving now. Stay tuned.”

Basically the company is well aware of this problem, as they probably has all hands on the deck. They all are trying to figure out, how to cope up this issue. There are number of users reporting some different kinds of ways to navigate this problem. Some people are talking about PC date.

As you can go into your PC date and change the date to a previous day and this could allow you to get into the Oculus runtime service. In this way you can actually be able to use your Oculus Rift. So if you change the date on your PC, it could possibly cause you some problems with lots of other program that are running on your PC. Somehow, it could affect Windows update service and other critical applications.

So it is not advised you to do these kinds of things on your PC.

Moreover the oculus go is now been approved by FCC and also the website has been completely updates. So a lots of people are wondering around website for major updates.

If you are having problem starting your Oculus Rift and nothing start on your computer. So there is an easy fix right now for broken certificate. So there is an easy fix for Oculus Rift.

Official fix to: Can’t reach Oculus Runtime Service

Oculus Rift patch

Download and install, Oculus Rift patch will update your Oculus system file with a proper certificate.

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