What Are The Dazzling Features Of GB Whatsapp

Features Of GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp: Currently, most of the people prefer Whatsapp account to have better communication. Moreover, it eases the lifestyle of people. With the advent of Whatsapp technology, many people would stick on their Android phone. At the same time, it is the best way to connect the people who are far away.

gb whatsapp

When it comes to Whatsapp, the company makes use of the latest technology and develops the latest version called GB Whatsapp. With the help of this latest version, you can easily send messages, chats, send pictures, videos and many more.

What is GB Whatsapp

Well, most of the people want to use the dual account, right? With the welcome of GB Whatsapp, it could be possible. Yes, you can use the dual account at once. It has become the mandatory submission on your handset and so it has the ability to personalize your handset to the maximum.

At the same time, you can effortlessly use this trendy app directly on your handset. Moreover, if you finding any of the difficulty while availing the GB Whatsapp from the ordinary store, then you can choose from the third party store 9apps.

This powerful tool is gaining more status and popularity among people all around the world who intend to talk to their friends.

You can make use of this app at any time and anywhere without any restrictions. It will give a stupendous experience to users. At the same time, you can install gb Whatsapp without any complications.

What are its outstanding features

1. Hide bluetick

When compared to normal Whatsapp account, it has the ability to hide the blue tick mark. For example, if you send a message to any of your friends, then your account will show a blue tick mark once they saw your message, right? If you want to hide this from an unauthorized person, you can make use of GB Whatsapp

2. Schedule messages to be sent later

If you are the one who wants to send birthday wishes to your loved ones, then you can type the message and fix the time to send. Then, automatically, it sends that saved messages to your receipts.

3. Hide online status

If you are availing status, then you are not wishing to see all of them. If so, then you can hide your status from some people.

4. Hide “Typing a message” state

In an ordinary Whatsapp account, at the top, it will show off if you are typing the message, right?. But, with the advent of GB Whatsapp, you can even hide that feature also.

5. Hide chats

If you have personal chat on your account, you can easily hide with the help of the GB Whatsapp features.

6. Share a video of size up to 50MB

Without any restrictions, you can send videos nearly more than 50 MB.

7. Convenience

There is no need for any additional verification. In addition, only the mobile number is enough to use its unique features.

8. Unbeatable messaging app

With the help of GB Whatsapp, you can send a massive amount of messages to your friends, relatives, and many more.

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