Facebook lead: How to Generate Leads With Facebook (Free)

Facebook Lead Generation

Generate free Facebook lead: Facebook is not just about commenting on your friends’ photos and liking their posts!. Facebook is currently one of the biggest online platforms for businesses and is also being used extensively to generate leads. With over 50 million business page profiles, Facebook knows it is vital to offer value to business owners as well as the consumer.

What are Facebook lead ads?

If you think Facebook lead generation is only restricted to lead adverts, you’re losing out on many other lucrative opportunities. Lead ads help to push customers along a sales track, but this is not the only method for procuring business leads. Few users do not bother to engage with advertisements, one of the most used approaches on Facebook. But Facebook is where you can reach out to your entire fan base. So why not make full use of it.

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Use these free techniques to generate leads with Facebook

Facebook Forms

You can convert your Facebook business page to a social landing page by means of a form. The benefit of a Facebook newsletter subscribe, contact, or tailored form is that it gives easy access to your prospective customers to converse with you on the Facebook page. You can embed your form in your Facebook page and displays as a new tab on the Facebook page.

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POST what you would like to see as a user

Link posting of your recent blog to lead Facebook followers to your website and finally to your landing page generates social media lead so keep your posts visually interesting.

Facebook users devote most of their time on social media watching videos, posts, stories, and many more. So make use of this useful tool. As you share quality posts users get attracted to your website, which in turn makes Facebook recognize your posts as valuable and popular.

Build more customer interaction through linking

As this includes links that lead users to your landing pages. So your Facebook followers can sign up for an eBook download, or for a newsletter, or get access to a coupon code which is an effective technique to generate leads. Remember to repurpose your content into blogs and other types of content that you can post on the Facebook page for more leads.

Include a Facebook CTA

Put a CTA button like Sign Up or Contact Us on your Facebook business page. So people know exactly where and how to reach you. Try modifying your button time and again and Facebook helps you track how good your CTA is doing. Keep changing as your evolving marketing campaigns. Replace your Facebook business page cover image to grab more attention.

Maximize from these Facebook features

Use varied approaches for lead generation using Facebook. Experiment with what does not work and what does work and evaluate the click rates. With this in mind keep modifying your strategy. You can do a lot to amplify the quality and number of leads you capture from Facebook.

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Facebook ads are a beneficial tool for the complete strategy. Only when you are leveraging the above-mentioned features starting from custom forms to CTAs and value-oriented posts.

Blogs should be reposted to recycle old content

If a blog post is getting customer appreciation and is doing well then make sure you repost these old valuable posts. You can also recycle posts by changing into different forms like video content, image content, infographics and many more.

Create a photo album for a combined blog

Another appealing way to make use of your content for getting Facebook leads is by altering your blogs. Like photo album along with a link leading users to your original post.

Facebook events

Facebook Events to endorse an event or a time-bound deal and link your event tickets to your landing page. So modify your strategy to enjoy all these Facebook events and get leads for free.

You can make use of pinned posts to remain at the top of the timeline for around seven days which is enough time to capture the Facebook lead. But for this, you will have to understand and know your customer personas. You also need to maintain a record of the type of posts which works great for your business.

Time-limited events on the social media platforms usually form a great hype. So you can utilize this method to generate Facebook leads successfully. Utilize and maximize from the Events option on Facebook to form a limited period offer or a contest and keep informing in these given days to build more urgency.


Whether you like Facebook or dislike it, you can’t disregard the fact that it is one of the most popular social media beasts today. If you are able to meticulously maintain a decent brand presence on this platform, have formed an interactive community with the help of branding and campaigns. As it has formed a balanced content calendar which covers all the social media publishing with highly valuable informational content.

So make use of the influence of Facebook in an efficient manner which will make your brand stand out from the competition. Get in touch with the Social media agency in Ahmedabad to help you maximize the use of Facebook for your lead generation goals.

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