Ways to make money on Facebook $$

Make money on Facebook

As we know Facebook is the social platform. On this social platform, people can do lots of different things. Facebook is the best way to make money online. You can treat your Facebook platform like a business online. So its a new strategy, as lots of people don’t even know about it. Lets talk about these strategies to make money on Facebook.

1. Facebook instant articles

The first thing is the Facebook instant article. In Facebook instant article, you can write article like a blog post. May be you have written article on a WordPress blog or blog spot publishing platform network. The thing about Facebook instant article is you get paid based on Ads being placed on the article and you can monetize them. It is just like, how you publish a youtube video and enabling Ads by uploading to earn money. Facebook instant article is just like blogpost. So if you want to write a blog post and make money from them using your Facebook account, you can sign up for Facebook instant articles. You need to submit your sample stuff like what kind of stuff you are going to write about. Then start publishing your articles and monetize them.

Sign up for Facebook instant articles

make money on facebook
make money on facebook

So sign up and go through that process. Once you complete the process of signing up, then you are able to monetize articles and actually make money off it.

2. Facebook sponsored posts

You might considered sponsored Facebook post which is basically when you write something or post an image that an advertiser wants you to post. So this is basically when you have lots of followers like 10 or 20 thousand or more likes on your Facebook page. So basically a company likes to post the content which would help them to get more business. The company or advertiser want to leverage real pages instead of just doing paid advertising. It is beneficial to both parties and for you to earn money online.

To get started, you must visit Sponsored tweets. In sponsored tweets, you need to connect all the different accounts that you can do sponsored post. Like WordPress, Vine, Foursquare, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube. LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram etc. So if you have a huge following on Facebook, then you can charge few hundred dollars per post. Moreover you can connect other companies here by using sponsorship. Once you get a deal, you can actually get the post and give you exactly what to say on Facebook. So that’s the another way you can monetize your Facebook page. So what you need is a big following or likes for this.

make money on facebook
make money on facebook

Moreover you can also earn online money on FAMEBIT. It is just similar to sponsored tweets, but famous among lots of creators.

3. Facebook for creators

Facebook audience network – Like YouTube, Facebook has launched an audience network for creators. You can still make money  from your Facebook video. You just need a different business model. Like YouTube [Google Adsense], you can also earn money by uploading videos to your Facebook account. Its really just comes down to what your business model is around your audience and the content you are developing. Now Facebook has just launched an App that is Facebook Creator App for Facebook creators. Right now this App is only available on iOS devices, but still there is a waiting for Android device.

make money on facebook
make money on facebook

So if you have an iOS device, you can sign up for Facebook for creators. You can earn money only when your viewers are watching your videos. As it is similar to YouTube audience network, so just sign up and start earning. So you go ahead like making a video and then you offer something for value.

4. Affiliate Facebook marketing

Moreover you can also promote your online business by posting your products directly on your Facebook page. If you have online portal like amazon or E bay, you can direct sell your product or service by redirecting your followers to your webpage. For this you need to have lots of followers on your Facebook fan page.

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So these are some of the great techniques to make money on Facebook and grow online as a business model.


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