Best free Microsoft office alternative for Home/Office work

Microsoft office alternative

As we all know that Microsoft office is the most powerful productivity suite on the market. Even though it is quite affordable, especially for individual & students, but not everybody likes to pay. So here are the best Microsoft office alternative for you.

microsoft office alternative
Microsoft Office Alternative

Free alternative to microsoft office download

best microsoft office alternative


It is very similar to OpenOffice. As it uses the same basic code base. It also has 6 programs that the OpenOffice had. Moreover LibreOffice has faster development & even more frequent updates. It also has support from cloud services like Google drive which can be accessed through the remote file feature. You can also add extensions to LibreOffice to increase its functionality. It is available for Windows, Mac OS & Linux.

An ePUB export filter has been added in LibreOffice for saving documents such as E books. The user interface has been redesigned to be more user friendly. The special character with new search facility is improved in LibreOffice. Moreover the elementary has been added with a new set of toolbars. The new table styles has been added to the word processor for a better looking data look.

Download: LibreOffice

It is an open source software published by Apache. It is very powerful Microsoft office alternative used mostly in offices. Open office comes loaded with 6 programs like Calc, Impress, Writer, Base, Draw & Math which are basically like Microsoft word, Excel & PowerPoint. Moreover it receives frequent updates. It is available on Windows, Linux & Mac OS. Open office now uses a technique called anti-aliasing to improve the way you draw on screen, lines & circles etc. Dragging graphics is easier with the shadow of the object rather than a dotted line. As this makes it much easier to place image accurately & complicated drawings.

Download: OpenOffice

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Google Docs

Google docs is cloud based & used with any OS. The Google docs is the ideal software, if you like to collaborate with others on a project. It supports PDF & docs files. Google docs integrates nicely with Google based services like Gmail & Google calendar. The user interface of Google docs is minimalistic which some of you alike. Google docs is a very good choice for those users that like to collaborate on projects from a distance & also for those that have limited storage on their PC.

Go to Google Docs

WPS Office 2016 free

The WPS Office suit comes with writer, presentation & spreadsheet software similar to Microsoft office. All the files you create with WPS are fully compatible with Microsoft office software. Moreover different templates offered by WPS are based on templates that is offered by Microsoft. If you are switching from Microsoft office to WPS, then the transaction should be easy for you. WPS is add supported which is sometimes annoying for some users. WPS office 2016 is available for windows, iOS, Android & Linux.

Download: WPS Office

FreeOffice 2016

The FreeOffice 2016 comes with formats that are compatible with Microsoft word, Microsoft excel & Microsoft PowerPoint. This free office user interface is also nicely laid out. It is also very similar to Microsoft office. FreeOffice 2016 provides compatibility with password protected files & helps in creating PDF files etc. The spell check & smart typing features are also very useful. Moreover it is available for Windows & Linux.

Download: FreeOffice 2016

Office Online

Office online is the Microsoft connected service that integrated its one drive storage solution. The online account grant access to a slightly stripped back version of Excel, Word & PowerPoint along with the few extras like OneNote. All you need is to login & you can create a new documents to upload files to one drive. Then you can start editing them from any device or location with Skype integration for collaborative work.

Go to Office online

So these are the best free Microsoft office alternative without spending a penny.

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