Apache Open Office – The best alternative to Microsoft Office

Apache Open Office – A program that works like a Microsoft Office or just like Microsoft Office. As it’s the best alternative option to the Microsoft Office. It is totally free of charge and really works great on your PC. Open office is an interesting product and this software works on Windows machine as well as on mac and Linux.  You can just download open office for free, by visiting on their website.

Apache Open Office
Apache Open Office


You can download Open Office template free on their website.

Apache Open Office – The best alternative to Microsoft Office

Apache Open Office is totally incredible and it is very easy to use. It has the same aspect like the Microsoft Office. Just like Microsoft Office word, open office has Text Document, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, Database like Access, Drawing is like Microsoft publisher. It is very complex and open source. It’s a well-made program and works incredibly with some features better than Microsoft Office.

  • In the text document, you can type text with different fonts which is very user friendly and it is also called the writer. Exporting as PDF is another feature in open office for converting your document to PDF file. As open office it does its unique extensions. Even they have their own format, you can save your document in different format, even in .Doc file. You can also add tables in the sheet by adding rows and column numbers. Open Office also has a math feature, which is totally new and different. Through math, you can make formula and equation [Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and Division etc.]
  • The next feature is the spread sheet, that is similar to Microsoft excel sheet, having different columns, Formulas and exporting in many different formats. You can also change background and text color in Open Office excel sheet.
  • Another feature is the Presentation, which is not so much similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. But it has slides and text just like PowerPoint. You can insert tables, movies and sound with different templates. For a free program, it does like the same thing, but lacks some options, which is present in Microsoft Office.
  • They have Drawing which is similar to well-known Microsoft paint.
  • A compared to Microsoft Office, open office is really fast and small in file size while installing. Moreover you can also use open office for your business purposes.

Components of Apache open office

WriterA word processor.

CalcA spreadsheet analogous.

ImpressA presentation program.

DrawA vector graphics editor.

MathA tool for creating and editing mathematical formulas.

BaseA database management program.

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