Best Cloud based Software Attendance Tracking and Payroll System

Cloud Based Software

In today’s modern world, most businesses turned advanced with the use of latest technologies and new generation software. If we talk about the current scenario, most service-oriented industries have adopted the next-gen cloud based software.

Field Service Industry and other industries which fully depend upon the workforce, have started implementing new technologies to ease with various tasks. Field Service Management Cloud lets the admin store all the information over the cloud.

So the main question is:

What is a cloud based system?

How does cloud based software work?

What are cloud based applications?

What are cons of cloud computing?

cloud based software

To make the payment system and attendance of the employees easier, there is numerous cloud-based attendance tracking software available. In this article, we have enlisted market’s best and highly recommended cloud-based attendance tracking and payroll system software. This software let allow the users to keep track of their employees’ and staff’s attendance and manage their monthly or weekly payments.

Zoho People

Zoho People has a simple user interface for the users. This software runs automatically, all it requires is a one-time setup and that’s all. Once you set up this software, it will track down attendance and timing of the employees. Zoho is basically a web-based attendance management system which can be explored through their website. The data will be stored over the cloud safely.

If we talk about the useful features, the Zoho People comes with Attendance tracking, Time Tracker, Files, Leave Tracker, Compensation, Performance, Exit Management, Training Management and a lot more other. You can use all these tracking systems within one single software through their web-based interface.

Keka for HR and Payroll

Keka is yet another time tracking and payroll management system designed for various enterprises with employees and staffs. This software serves decent user interface making it easier for the HR department to keep track of their employees and client’s activities. The software is integrated with useful features such as time tracker, leave tracker, time management sheet, overtime tracking and many other more. It tracks various activities selected by the users and keeps the data secured on the cloud. You can access the stored data anytime through their web-based interface.

Cuckoo Tech

Cuckoo Tech is one of the most efficient and convenient time tracking and attendance management software available in the market. This software is designed to fulfill all of your expectations through a time tracking software for the enterprise. You don’t need to worry about the different functions of the software, as it works automatically and stores data itself over the cloud. Cuckoo Tech has a simple user interface for the admins and HR persons who can simply maintain the attendance and tracking time of the workers. Depending on your requirements, you can easily manage various things through this software.

Accord e-HR

Accord e-HR is known as the most powerful HR Management and Attendance Tracking software available in the system. This software is cloud-based software which stores your important data and entries safely. The software comes with numerous built-in tools to manage and track employees’ activities and their timing.

Accord e-HR software has workflow management, leave management, the database of the employees and other staff members, MIS reports and more. All these tools are there on the software which can be set up easily by the HR or Admin of the organization. Interestingly, this software has built-in attendance management software which also tracks attendance of the employees on a regular basis.

ADP for Time Management

This is one of the most authentic time tracking and attendance control software. It serves the user-friendly interface which makes the functionality of the software easier for the users. The software secures attendance data and other important entries made by the HR or Admin proficiently. A set of useful features make the time and attendance tracking of the employees much easier. You don’t need to worry about the reports, as the software itself generates regular monthly reports to keep an eye on the activities of the employees.

The software itself prepares regular reports and deliver them to the employer. The employer can himself customize the report generation process. It comes with a number of customizable features allowing the employer to make proper changes to its working functionality. Moreover, it has certified data security which keeps your important and critical data secure.

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