Impiger – The next step Digital Transformation and quality management

Quality Management

Choosing an associate for your web, mobile, and cloud-app-development needs can either make your company successful or a flop. Impiger’s employees with ‘can-do’ experience in active and newest tech-related app development processes can spruce up your business, leading to great benefit and quality management.


Their app development capabilities include:

  • Strategy and consulting
  • Mobile, web and cloud app development

With their user-friendly app development processes, they promise their consumers with insured performance. They go into the deepest depth in what the customer needs and industry possibilities before advancing on making the web or mobile app solution. This permits them to deliver the best possible solution every time, for various industry uprights.

Process Level Architecture

On establishing a Quality Management System, they can cite and clarify their delivery capacities through web-based business process platforms. Through this delivery chain, they have been connecting and conveying their business value(s) to their clients by continuously improving the quality of all their processes. In spite of the increasing business complexities, their Quality Management System has kept its influence across the institution and has enabled them to deliver on the agreements they make to their shareholders, every other year.

Holistic Approach

Impiger’s Business Mapped to Metrics

On-time delivery

  • Improved metrics-driven project planning tracking
  • Stabilized estimation process
  • Increased productivity

Improved customer satisfaction

Consistent & predictable delivery

Improved Software Quality

Reduced defects

Improved performance

  1. Reduced reworks.
  2. Improved adoption of new tools and technologies.

Solutions by Industry

Manufacturing Unit

Complaint Management – Beckman Coulter, Inc., is a US-based medical device manufacturing company that involved Impiger to develop a mobile application for their customers which could enable them to register a complaint and get their general queries answered. Beckman’s customers have a really positive feedback on this initiative.

Retail Unit

MCommerce – Mainetti approached Impiger to develop a mobile application, which would enable its user to view a mobile catalog to display the different products manufactured by them.

Logistics Unit

Asset Tracking – Qtrak was helped by Impiger by developing an android application that would enable them to cancel out all the unnecessary paperwork which is required in package delivery service.

Services Unit

Intranet – The Price water house Coopers was enabled by Impiger to communicate information internally through a mobile intranet, which now connects all the client’s locations and employees.

Quality Approach

To help the Impiger Quality system to provide better aspects and excellent products every time to its consumers around the World, Integrated Total Quality Management is chosen as the management tool.

Through their Quality Management System, they have accomplished as an institute to set themselves on the highway of the endless quest of efficiency and excellence, with a faithfulness of ambition. In the process, they have earned the constant trust of their shareholders.


The company has received outstanding reviews. Their own employee reviewed them as an “out-standing consulting, developing and support skills” place to work. They have the highest level of business and professional integrity.


Based on their world-wide reviews by different customers, Impiger is a world-class company that offers not only the best services in app development but will take your business to the next level with business-friendly techniques. We can personally say that this company is a great place for a long-term job.

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