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Software Startup Ideas

Starting a small enterprise is an expensive, nerve-wracking proposition. Organizing a software toolbox to reliably serve the needs of a young, expanding the business is a primary pain point in the whole process. Supply is plentiful. You could easily free-trial your team to death and walk away still confused. In the service of simplicity, here is a brief list of items to think about regarding software startup.

software startup

Collaborative Office Software

One useful startup tool requires no investment. Google G Suite is a free cloud-based collaborative office suite that also provides storage, a calendar, and email. Users can share, read, and write documents 24/7 on all devices and be free from the need to constantly make backups.

Internet Marketing & SEO

Internet marketers worldwide use SEMrush to analyze content marketing performance. It is an invaluable tool for evaluating and tracking the performance of your website in search engine results pages (SEO). SEMrush can also be used to analyze competitors’ work. Of the program’s many capabilities and functions, one of the most useful is keyword research. Given a particular root keyword, SEMrush indicates its search value and identifies associated keyword phrases likely to bring high search traffic. The software also provides additional data including keyword competition, Google Adwords PPC cost, the top-ranking sites on Google for any keyword, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management system that lets businesses produce, schedule, find, and report on social media content. Business users can monitor multiple social networks and keep track of what people are saying about their brand, then reply directly or post updates. Handling and analyzing multiple social media accounts and running social media campaigns is far easier. When Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more are all integrated into one clean dashboard-style interface.

Project and Team Management software

Now you are working together efficiently, flying a competitive website, and doing some online marketing. So it’s time to tackle some jobs. Whether you are running a project-based enterprise or simply looking to efficiently organize, track, and manage people and work, a good project management platform is crucial. Timewax bundles a collection of project management tools together to cover a range of functions from initial planning and scheduling, through work tracking and reporting, to customer invoicing. All operated from one simple-to-use dashboard.

software startup

Financial Management

Now comes the fun – making money. Wave is built with startups in mind and designed for businesses with nine employees or fewer. It is one of the top software startup tools in the financial management category. Track income, sync expenses across your business, do invoicing, and handle payroll with one tool. And the price is right: loads of practical utility and plenty of user support only cost a small percentage of any credit card and bank payment processing that takes place.

Choose the Best Fit

The Internet brims with suggestions for ideal startup software toolsets. The trick is to be choosy. Run free trials and identify reliable tools that fit easily into your business processes. Avoid gathering a confusing tangle of applications.

Remember, you have a unique set of needs. No matter how popular and highly-recommended a particular software tool may be. It still has to offer solutions that fit your business to a T.

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