What Is Copywriting & How It can affect WordPress SEO

What Is Copywriting

If you are new to the concept of copywriting, don’t you worry now? In the post, we will get it all covered. A salesperson essentially tries to make sales. This means the more sales you are able to make, the better of a salesperson you are. Think of copywriting tool as a written salesmanship. This means that you are trying to sell stuff but that sale is limited to written content. There is no in-person pitching.


Let us understand this through an example. Imagine there is a guy named Sam. Now Sam is trying to organize an event at his college. Think of it as a festival. Now Sam and his team have organized everything from the volunteering team to tickets and what not. The only thing a week before the main event is to arrange people who would like to rent out food stalls at the festival. For this, Sam sends out an email to all the students at his college on behalf of the management society. However, Sam does not know much about the art of copywriting.

So his email looks something like this:

‘Hello, guys. I’m writing this on behalf of the English Literature Society. We are organizing an event on 12th December on campus between 7 pm – 11 pm. The event is called Fun Festival 2018. We hope you will all be there. Also, we are looking for people who did like to rent out food stalls at the event. If you are interested or know anyone who did be interested, please contact us. That would be great.’

Can you spot what is wrong with it? Because clearly, it was a failure for Sam. Sam sent out 1,000 emails and the responses he got were only 3. This does not mean that there is not a market for people who did like to rent out food stalls at a college event. Sam did not advertise his offer right. Next year, Sam organized the same event. However, this time he had learned a little something about copywriting. Using his skills as a beginner copywriter, he sent out the following email.

‘Fun Festival 2019!

This time better and bigger…

Rent out a food stall just for $25 at Fun Festival 2019 with an expected crowd of 1,000 students, faculty members, and outsiders.

This time Sam has 15 stalls registered. Notice how he talked about the people and not himself. Unlike his first email, his second email talked about the benefits (for the students). Your ultimate goal as a salesman is to sell but the question is why should people purchase from you? This is what your advertisement content should show. And it is your first lesson in copywriting.

Types of copywriting

Copywriting is a job on its own. It is divided into many types. If you have been in the digital marketing industry for a while, you should have heard about SEO copywriting. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process by which techniques are applied to have websites rank in search engines like Google and Bing. In SEO copywriting, you are essentially using SEO to first find the right keywords you want to rank for.


If you own a bakery and want to sell cupcakes online, you can find the words related to bakery, cupcakes and related topics that people are searching for. Let us suppose that the keyword search for ‘birthday cupcakes’ is good. In this situation, you can write a blog post on Ideas On Birthday Cupcakes. In the blog post, you can mention the various ideas and then add a reference as to how people can place an order at your bakery if they want to order cupcakes for birthdays. There you go, that is SEO copywriting.

Television advertising has a lot more goals than just driving sales at the moment. Businesses want to increase brand awareness by showing you advertisements. However, other campaigns are targeted to create a direct response. This type of copywriting is called direct response copywriting. The goal with it is to drive sales at the moment. The content involves a call to action. The pain points of the people addressed are mentioned. In the example of a brochure inviting people to join a certain student protest is a direct response copywriting.

Why is copywriting done?


The whole purpose of copywriting is to drive better sales through the art of penmanship. Copywriting is used at tons of places. If you directly emailing someone to purchase a product or show interest in an offer, you are copywriting. If there is video content that is trying to sell something, which is copywriting. As it is used in public speeches even. The uses are endless.

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