Top best bitcoin hardware wallet to store money

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

So today we are talking about the best bitcoin wallets. Nowadays people are talking about cryptocurrencies. You can store your cryptocurrency both online and offline. You may also store it on the exchanges, online wallet and on the paper or hardware wallet etc. So the best way to safely and securely store your cryptocurrencies is by getting a bitcoin hardware wallet. These bitcoin hardware wallets work in pretty similar ways. You just plug them into your computer and put your 4 to 6 digit passcode. So these hardware wallets do their job perfectly well and they are easy to use, so how do you choose your own wallet.

1. Nano ledger S Wallet

bitcoin hardware wallet
bitcoin hardware wallet

The Nano Ledger Wallet bitcoin wallet is the best for those people, who like to have the security of a hardware wallet. You simply need to connect the device via USB to execute your various transactions. As it is a versatile option that has a deep bench of integration with popular coins. like Bitcoins, Etherium, Altcoins and other types of coin etc. The Nano ledger S includes two-factor authentication. It also has both in iOS and Android App, in addition to the online interface that you can use to execute transactions. The Nano ledger S doesn’t act as a password manager which is the one secondary feature that’s bitcoin wallet users do to find valuable. As the Nano ledger S doesn’t offer a passphrase support.

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2. OpenDime Wallet

OpenDime is a cheap secure bitcoin storage method. So this thing is a USB stick that you can store bitcoin securely. So it’s kind of tamper-resistant storage method. There is a little hole on the USB of OpenDime, what you are gonna puncture in order to spend but other than that it is just a regular USB stick. When you plug it in your PC, a USB pops up on the desktop. So when you plug in your OpenDime, you need to essentially inform the OpenDime on how to create a private key. As OpenDime is the world’s first zero trust physical bitcoin bearer bond.

OpenDime allows you to spend bitcoins like a dollar film pass it along multiple times connect to any USB to check the balance. OpenDime acts as a read-only USB flash drive and works with any computer, Laptop or phone. Inside you can still find text files and a QR code with the payment address. With OpenDime the private key is generated at the time of setup by the user and it is not known by anyone. OpenDime is perfect for gifts, payments and instant off chain transfers.

3. Trezor Hardware Wallet

bitcoin hardware wallet
bitcoin hardware wallet

The Trezor Hardware Wallet is best for those people, who likes to have the most robust security offered in the hardware wallet category. You will be required to pay a premium for that extra security. Like in Nano Ledger S, the Trezor Hardware Wallet includes the essentials like two-factor authentication and capability to carry Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litcoin etc.

The Trezor Hardware Wallet doesn’t offer an iOS app but just available for Android App at this moment. This wallet also has some password management capabilities for a common site. Trezor Hardware Wallet offers an additional level of security with passphrase support. With passphrase support, you will be required to set up a recovery seed which is a 24 word essentially generated by the device. You keep a record of this seed in nondigital form, now passphrase support is essentially the 25th seed word. So this feature just makes your coins more secure.

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4. Coinbase Digital Wallet

The Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange and actually has raised over a hundred million dollars in venture funding today. Coinbase also offers online free software wallet having two-factor authentication and access to every popular cryptocurrency. As there is also an iOS App and an Android App for Coinbase. The online interface is very user-friendly and most simple to use the software wallet in the market. There are no secondary password management tool or passphrase support capabilities. Moreover, Coinbase has the most secure software for Bitcoin wallet.

So these are the top best bitcoin hardware wallet to store money. If you required a hardware wallet with an iOS App the Nano ledger S is the best. Moreover, you need these devices to have one job and to do that job extremely well, that is securing your coins.


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