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Android keyboard – Emojis Download

So how do you decide which Android keyboard is best for you to download when it comes to phone keyboards. The last half a decade has made a huge push moving to completely on screen keyboards.

Unlike the keyboard on the conventional laptop, these touch screen keyboards can change depending on the user needs, tastes & unique methods for input that can add some innovation in a pretty static input method. As it’s no wonder that when you looking for keyboard in the Android play store, you will regularly see keyboard Apps with millions of downloads.

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Emoji keyboard android download

android keyboard
android keyboard

Android keyboard emoji

Top Android keyboard

1. Swype keyboard free

As it is the original keyboard having the ability to swipe your finger along the keys to input text. Swype is still one of the fastest at using swipe motion for text. Moreover the key layout is convenient & it’s one of the few keyboards with voice to text done by dragon diction. It is one of the best voice to text systems out there right now for consumers with free trial.

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2. Google keyboard

Google keyboard is minimalistic & actually quite popular among most of the users. As it is pre loaded on lots of Android phones & quite simple to use. Google always keeps updating it, tweaking it & adding new features to this keyboard. Moreover the auto correction is good & also the word prediction works fine.

There are also some additional features like gesture delete, a one handed mode, themes & more. As google keyboard supports large number of languages. It comes with a unique layout that makes it special. There is also an aggressive correction mode which comes in handy especially while tapping with the one row layout.

If you are looking for a fast responsive keyboard that is just good for typing with no bells & whistles, then Google keyboard is the one you should try. As it comes from Google themselves with huge user base. Moreover it is fast & free of cost, available on the App store.

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3. Fleksy Keyboard

It is a customizable & one of the fastest keyboards out there on Android. Is there a keyboard on Android that can easily send GIF s as well? It comes loaded with different themes, numerous extension & an auto correct feature which works very accurate. As it is known for its clever gesture system to help you type faster which is enough for you to download it by yourself. As it also uses GIF s that can easily send on another phone.

The layout of the Flesky is minimal & decent. It comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate your fingers. Moreover the algorithm it employs for the auto correct is UN paralleled. It checks the general area of your tapping as opposed to the exact letter & thus you get the words right most of the time no matter what you entered in a hurry.

There are also other useful gestures like swipe left to erase the last word you typed, swipe up & down to cycle through the words shown above your keyboard, double swipe right to have a full stop etc.

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4. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey learns the words, phrases & emoji that matters to you. With the help of SwiftKey, you can type faster without making mistakes. It is the keyboard that understands you even if you start typing in a second or third language. It is one of the most popular keyboards on Android. Whatever your typing style, SwiftKey adapts to the unique way you type. The auto correction works great. It analyses usage patterns & throws a prediction based on it.

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5. Go Keyboard

So if you want a keyboard with wide variety of themes then Go Keyboard is the best. This is one of the oldest keyboards available that gives its popularity. This keyboard is also quite smooth & the auto correct is decent. Moreover there is also a support for gesture typing & you can send it to use GIF s. You can also download different themes on to your keyboard. So you have some pretty nice keyboards themes & skins in Go Keyboard.

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So these are the best Android keyboard that is useful in many different ways for you. Download any keyboard that suits with your phone settings.

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