Top 3 Nintendo DS Emulators for Android Device

Top 3 Nintendo DS Emulators

Do you know you can play all Nintendo DS ROMs on your smartphone running Android OS? Thanks to DS emulators this is more than just possible. The entire process takes just a couple of minutes and after that, you can enjoy the same games you used to play on the actual device. Below are 3 the best Nintendo DS Emulators.

nintendo ds emulators


1. DraStic DS emulator

The emulator in question is commonly known as the best software for playing DS games on all Android smartphones. It is a paid version and it will cost you $5. The best features of the software include the fast forward mode, controlling the screens in a game and also using controllers.

Users can sync the data with their Google Drive account and play the best games at any given moment. If you are addicted to DS games, this is the best option for you. We should add that the emulator is 100% stable and developed by actual gamers who love playing DS ROMs on the Android smartphones. You should definitely try it and see all the features this emulator has to offer.

nintendo ds emulators

2. NDS Boy

NDS Boy is a free emulator so all of you can download it and test it for free, obviously. There are no ads whatsoever and it runs smoothly on all Android smartphones running 5.0 and later.

However, the emulator needs a least of 2GB of RAM and quad-core processor, so we will recommend it for users with powerful Android smartphones. Anyway, it can be used for games in Nds, zip, 7zip, and several other formats. Additionally, you can edit, zoom and resize using the emulator and you can quickly save and load games.

nintendo ds emulators

3. AseDS

AseDS is one of the most popular emulators as well. It was downloaded over 1 million times. We liked the ability to play all possible games, to save and load at any provided moment and the dual screen option. Now you can use cheats as well and the fast forward mode is implemented also. The best thing regarding the emulator is the wireless controller and microphone support.

You literally can experience the ultimate thrill regarding the gaming and you will love spending tie with your new emulator. This is a free version which comes with ads. They are a bit annoying, but you will get used to them. Keep in mind that it runs on all smartphones running Android 6.0 or newer. It won’t be available if you have an older device.

Enjoy playing with Nintendo DS Emulators

It may look complicated or strange, but playing DS games on Android smartphones is more than just possible and the best part, it feels 100% natural. It isn’t strange to see a gamer who has a special Android smartphone just for these games.

Anyway, now you know how to play any game you like on your current smartphone. Be free to enjoy amazing features, explore amazing worlds and all of that for free. It is possible thanks to the amazing emulators from the list.

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