The Technology behind Dial Vision: Adjustable vision glasses

Dial Vision Glasses

The Dial Vision is the flexible glasses that you can apply without a prescript. So if you close your one eye and turn the dial, up close that looks pretty good. So there is a plastic feel to it and the field of vision is pretty narrow. Outside the area, there is a kind of blurry plastic look. By using Dial-Vision, you can see crystal clear. As it’s not a very wide field of vision but it does. It seems to work pretty well functionally, but just not stylistically. As millions of people wear prescription glasses but what if they break, get lost or your prescription changes. So there is the only option left for you, that is making a doctor’s appointment or waiting for a new pair which can cost you hundreds.

dial vision

This is a set of glasses that is adjustable in no matter what your prescription is. You are supposed to be able to dial it in, so you can see clearly. As they may not be as fashionable as your primary glasses, but they do make a pretty good backup if they actually work because you can use these no matter how your prescription changes over time.

With the help of Dial Vision, you can see everything perfectly clear. The only problem is a peripheral vision. So as far as functionality, they were pretty well. Moreover, you can see how much smaller the range of vision on the Dial Vision than the prescription pair of sunglasses. The material is significantly lighter and cheaper.

How does Dial Vision work for night driving?

While driving, the first thing you notice is the little bit of double vision or triple vision. Distance wise its look pretty good. Everything looks pretty clear straight ahead except for the lights that look a little bit blurry at the streets. Moreover, you can read street signs and stop signs etc. On the other hand, the regular reading glasses have wide lenses and moreover, they are wider. So for a reading glasses or for distance prescription glasses, the Dial Vision works great as a backup pair for you.

dial vision

The Technology behind Dial Vision

The Dial Vision is the world’s first glasses that you adjust to give you crystal clear vision. As by using the included eye chart begin by adjusting your left eye by turning the dial until the chart comes into focus. The next step is to adjust your right eye in two easy steps your prescription is matched.

The instant replacement glasses are ready to use. The Dial Vision was developed in Oxford England by top optical scientists. The secrets in the sliding lens technology, as you move the dial, you are actually adjusting the power of the lenses until you see clearly. So these glasses are the first kind of glasses that you can customize the prescription for each individual line. As it’s a traffic backup for someone who can’t wear their glasses because they got lost or damaged.

So the Dial Vision is the perfect backup. Moreover, it converts from glasses, that is used for distance to reading glasses. The Dial-Vision is made up of high-quality optical lenses with flexible frames that won’t break.

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