Eliminating The Menace Of Injuries: Tech Ergonomics in Office

Tech Ergonomics

All the employees spend the majority of the time by sitting at the workplace in one position. These extended hours can take a toll on your eyes, neck, ban ack, arms and legs too. If not taken proper precaution, then chances are you will have significant injuries that will take considerable time in recovering.  However, to avoid all such hassle, you can have ergonomics in the office.

In this blog, we are going to share with you how you can practice ergonomics and eliminate the perils of injuries. Before we dive into the blog, it is crucial to understand the meaning of ergonomics.


What is Ergonomics?

The science of work is called Ergonomics. It is a simple study in which the products and, tasks are made more manageable for the employees. By following such practices, one can effectively transform and thereby you can improve the posture and eliminate the injuries. There are many ways of making your computer user-friendly. Besides, several corporations offer you the alternative activities, postures, break interval and so much more.

First, we are going to discuss the Posture.


It’s crucial to maintain a firm yet gentle position that will help you in preventing the injuries. Remember, to keep your arms, legs, forearms, and wrists straight while also sitting parallel to the floor.

Shoulders must be relaxed, and the head must be tilted forward direction so as it is in line with the torso. Your upper arms should hang at the side of your body. Ensure that your back is fully supported with soft cushion type chair. Sit on a padded chair so that your hips are parallel to the floor.

Most importantly, keep changing your position.

Your Work Desk Space

The area of your monitor must be held at least 20 inches from your face. There should be sufficient place to keep the keyboard and mouse on the desk. Besides, the desk height must be equal to that of your elbow height. If possible try to avoid the glass-topped desks as they have glare.


If the computer is being used by multiple people, then the chair should be of adjustable height, back angle and flexible enough to make you feel comfortable. Padded edges, Swivel of 360 to rotate, the five-legged base so that it easily rolls over the carpet. The seat must be broad for the user’s thigh.


Nowadays, the standing workstations are trending. Alongside, there is also monitor arms available that are an essential part of ergonomics in the office. If you are not comfortable with that option, then you can always align the monitor screen with the computer’s forehead. It must be adjustable. Do not forget to give a break to your eyes. The top screen should be below your eye level.


These days split keyboard can be an aid in maintaining a natural wrist position. The ones that are with adjustable feet are excellent options. Moreover, if you are using a keyboard tray then must fit together. Many companies offer you laptop for usage. For an extended period, you will need to invest in a USB attached keyboard so that to prevent your arms and wrist getting tight. For the proper height of monitor of the laptop, you will also need a supporter.

Foot Rest

For those who are unable to keep their legs and hips at 90° to 100° can use an adjustable foot to offer comfort.


Use diffused light for the computer work and large and bright lights if you are working on printed material and focused action. If your work desk is placed right next to the window, then have curtains to avert the light falling on the monitor screen. For an alternate option, you can also keep the computer at the right angle of your window.  The glare will cause fatigue and dryness in the eyes.


Give a try in using the hands-free headset to evade the balancing between head and shoulder. If possible, have a speaker feature phone with adjustable volume.


Try switching the mouse with between one hand to the other throughout the day. Moreover, even get a wrist pad so that you get rest while using the mouse.

It’s important to be aware of the position while sitting on the chair. Do not slouch or sit too far from the keyboard. If you don’t follow these ergonomics, then chances are you will be suffering through injuries that will consume a long time for recovery.

The blog as mentioned earlier describes how ergonomics in the office can help you in abolishing the menace of injuries. Your health is your top priority. Therefore, reconsider owning these ergonomics in your office. It will take time in getting used to it but beneficial in long duration.

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