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Perfect YouTube Video Shooting [ HD ]

Perfect YouTube Video: I’m sure you’ve come across some great looking videos on YouTube. I’m equally sure you’ve also come across some downright horrendous videos, of which the camera work made you cringe. If you are a business looking to increase conversions, it is imperative that you send out videos of the highest quality.

Videos that had the camera panning from side to side or from right to left are immediate disasters that spring to mind. Also zooming in too fast to the subject is a big no. There’s nothing worse than a badly lit video or one that is overexposed. As for bad sound quality, well I’m sure you are only too aware of just how long you are likely to stick around to watch that kind of video.

So how can we create the perfect YouTube video that our audience is going to love?

perfect youtube video

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Here are a few tips to get you going:

[ A perfect YouTube Video ]

Use a camcorder

Camcorders have come down in price over the years and you can find one that meets your needs in your local camera or computer store. You can still buy digital DV tape camcorders which offer good quality picture and sound output. These days though it has become the norm to use camcorders which record directly to its inbuilt hard disc or memory card. The majority of the latest camcorders are the high definition in nature, which means you will get a great looking picture. Some are even 3D, but you really do not need to invest in one of these just yet. Perhaps one day YouTube 3D will arrive, but for now, a normal camcorder will suffice.

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Night Shooting

If you are shooting a scene at night, ensure that the focus is set manually on the subject. If a camera has the automatic focus it will focus on the brightest objects in the scene which means things like car and street lights will take prominence. This causes your picture to become somewhat bizarre looking. So, aim to focus manually when shooting a subject at night.

Do not use the digital zoom on the camera

The problem with digital zoom is that the camera will redraw pixels which results in a poor-quality picture. It will use the highest optical zoom available and then goes and crops the image to a smaller part of the scene. So try and avoid the digital zoom.

perfect youtube video

Panning a scene that has different light levels

If your scene has different light levels and you are Panning, then make sure that you manually set the exposure. This ensures that the scene with the brightest part does not get overexposed. If you do not manually set the exposure what happens is that when you pan to a different part of the scene that has a different light level, the camcorder changes exposure. This causes your scene to suddenly look either too bright or too dim. The best thing to do is to plan forward for those eventualities so that when you come to shoot the scene you are able to deliver a smoother looking shot.

Recording backlit subjects

If a subject is backlit it means the background is actually shining than the subject itself. Do not let the camera automatically set the exposure in these cases because you will find your background will look as though it is exposed perfectly, while your main subject will be way too dark. There are two ways around this – either use the backlit exposure feature of the camcorder or manually set the exposure.

perfect youtube video

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Panning too fast or too slow

This is quite a common problem in video photography, but need not be with a few simple steps. Panning too fast makes the video look poor and amateurish. It is very hard for the viewer to see any detail in the shot when this happens. Conversely, panning too slowly can make the video look tedious and you don’t want the viewer nodding off or searching for a different YouTube video. Just make sure you slow down your Panning, but keep it at a middle ground between fast and slow.

Make sure you hold the camera steady when panning. There is nothing worse than a jerky panning scene. If you have a tripod, then use it to keep panning at a straight level.

Zooming too fast or too slow

You should definitely not zoom too fast or too slow. Again, this makes the video look amateurish and is a bad habit you should avoid getting into. Modern camcorders have a zoom regulation feature which is worth using as this will result in a smoother zoom for you.

So these are the few tips for creating a perfect youtube video.

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