Samsung Galaxy S8 plus vs iPhone 7 plus | which is best

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus vs iPhone 7 plus

So today we are comparing Samsung Galaxy S8 plus vs iPhone 7 plus. Both Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and iPhone 7 plus are the best smart phones in the whole world. Each of them brings their own unique advantages. So here we are comparing, why Samsung Galaxy S8 is better than iPhone 7 plus.

Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Specs

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus vs iPhone 7 plus
Samsung Galaxy S8 plus vs iPhone 7 plus

Infinity Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and iPhone 7 plus are of the same size. But they are completely different, while turning their screens on. Samsung manage the screen to 6.2 inch as compared to Apple iPhone 7 plus with screen of 5.5 inch display. The screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 is much better than iPhone 7 plus with large display. Along with the higher resolution display, the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a virtual reality experience that you just can’t get on the iPhone 7 plus .

Flash & Wireless Charging

With adaptive flash charging, the Samsung Galaxy S8 charges much faster than the iPhone 7 plus . Just 30 minutes of the charging time can add up to 40 percent to your battery in Galaxy S8, as compared to iPhone 7 plus with 20 percent in same time. In addition to flash charging, the Galaxy S8 also supports wireless charging. You can charge your phone by simply setting it down on a charging pad. You don’t need to plug your device ever again. This makes Samsung Galaxy S8 a unique as compared to Apple iPhone plus.

Headphone Jack

The head phone jack is probable going to be an important thing. Even If your car does have Bluetooth and your headphone are wireless, having a headphone jack is still a nice thing to have. The headphone jack makes it easy to quickly DJ in a friend’s car. As the show must go on with Galaxy S8 headphone jack as compared to iPhone 7 plus.

Micro SD Slot

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has the option to expand the memory up to 256 GB, with a relatively cheap micro SD card as compared to iPhone 7 plus .

USB Type C

The Galaxy S8 uses a USB type C port, which is the new port popping up on more and more devices including Apple’s mac book. USB type C offers faster data speed, delivers more power and more durable than the thinner lining cable for the iPhone’s. Samsung also includes a USB type A adapter in the box, which allows you to easily connect things like a flash drive.

IRIS Scanner

The Samsung claims that the IRIS scanner is up to a hundred times more secure than the fingerprint scanner which is great. The real value of the IRIS scanner is that, it is a most convenient backup option for situations, when your hands are wet or when you are wearing the gloves etc.

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus
Samsung Galaxy S8 plus vs iPhone 7 plus

Camera Features

The Galaxy S8 camera comes packed with a bunch of features that you won’t find on the iPhone camera. The dual camera in Galaxy S8 simultaneously takes photos and videos in front camera. From any screen ON or OFF, you can jump right in to the Galaxy S8 camera with a double tap of the power button. As it encourages you to take more pictures as compared to iPhone 7 plus.


With Samsung Galaxy S8, you can truly make your phone own with the hundreds of custom themes and icons, which can change the phone look system. Moreover, with the help of ultra-power saving mode, the Galaxy S8 can extend your battery life.

Samsung Pay & Apple Pay

Apple pay and Samsung pay do roughly the same thing. They both let you to pay for things using your phone. But the main difference is, the Apple pay is accepted at about 5 million retail locations. As Samsung pay is accepted at over 30 million. The reason for the difference is that, the Galaxy S8 has the technology which can mimic the magnetic strip on the back of your credit card. If you can physical swipe your credit card, you can probably pay using your Galaxy S8.

Split Screen Multitasking

In this feature, you can pin any part of the screen in the corner and then jump into another Apps with the information you pin things up to the corner. With edge panel, you can take advantage of the curved screen on the Galaxy S8 with the panels of your favorite Apps and shortcuts. You can conveniently access them from anywhere with just a swipe.

Smart Select

On the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can take a selective screen shot of exactly what you want on your screen easily. You can also extract text from the screen shot with smooth capture.

Create A GIF

Weather you watch your own video or your video on social media, you can turn it into a GIF. This is done easily by selecting exactly what you want on your screen to be turn into a GIF. For this you need to tap on record button and the phone takes care of the rest. It automatically gives you a GIF that you can share with your friends on social network.

Secure Folder

As secure folder is used to keep your sensitive data like photo, Video, Document, App and email account etc. It secure your data private and completely separates from the rest of your phone.

So now that you have seen why Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered to be better than the iPhone 7 plus. Samsung Galaxy S8 plus vs iPhone 7 plus comparison, features & more. which is the best smart phone. Featuring both Galaxy S8 plus & iPhone 7 plus uniqueness. So these are the main reasons to choose Samsung Galaxy S8.

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