Pokemon Go Update: Easy Tricks for Android

Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go update game tricks cheat: Pokemon Go is a mobile game developed by Niantic for the Android and iOS based on Augmented Reality. The game was released firstly in the year 2016 for some countries and later on, was released for the rest of the countries. Soon after the release, Pokemon Go became a blockbuster game.

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People went crazy for the game and everyone used to be in their phones for hours and hours searching for the Pokemon in the streets. Gymhuntr is an active Pokemon go map that gives you refreshed data from throughout the globe. Game lovers of Pokémon have two options always. Either it wins by hard labor and with the help of multiple practices or they can simply hack or cheat their way on top.

Note: This is a kind of stuff that can ban your account because there is some kind of hacks which is completely banned by the Pokemon go terms of services. So it’s just a kind of warning that before investing your time in such a thing. You must be ready that it might be complete wastage of your time and your account might be banned after using such a product.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon go is a pseudo-reality game where players hunt virtual Pokemon in their real life. It catches GPS and camera on player’s device to catch the Pokemon. Nowadays Pokemon tricks, reality, cheats are flooded on the internet. Previously the patch procedure was quite easy. But now due to latest google play services and Android security patches now it has been tough to hack the game easily.

Pokemon Go is designed in such a way that it easily detects android spoofing app if you have installed in your android phone. But the good news is this that it is not applicable to each Android phone. There are still many ways through which you can easily patch the game depending upon your android version and device. Two important things which you should know for patching the system is your device android version and security patch which is installed.

Pokemon go update news

Let us see how we can patch the game: Pokemon Go Update


It is an automated function. Here you will find the army of artificial characters and a group of scripts. Changes done recently will make it harder and less helpful than it was in the past. That means shadow bones are blocking bot account.


Those who don’t use the bot, instead of they use multiple accounts for cheating. When they carry down a Gym they immediately fill it with the accounts of their colleagues and family. Sometimes even those people who have stopped playing since long through “bubble start” they can quickly power up a gym up.


This is for those players who don’t require to get over new GYM. As they will sometime shift to a new account for another team. The pokemon off a Gym maintained by their own team and then reinstate it with their own team.


In this people fake out their location to anywhere. So that they can drop onto any gym take it down and bring it back at any time. Pokemon Go is very much serious about this cheat and they are randomizing stats on the server site for any player under 25, so now it is very hard to detect. In Android also this cheat is detected and locked out of the game. It is very serious something which pokemon really wants to prevent and cares about. Note that earlier fake GPS location was used to install and mock location option was enabled. Nowadays whenever a mock location checkbox in enabled, Niantic detects that spoofing has been done.

Pokemon Go Joystick Hack

It is created using google map’s API. It simply traces your device and shows the location with the help of GPS. As it also shows the type of Pokemon as per the region is shown in GPS. This app just makes GPS believe that you are changing locations and in return it makes you return in the game. The app provides you control button through which you can move in whatever direction you want to move. The best part is that you can also control you’re running or moving speed with the help of this application.

Above mentioned are few tricks with the help of which you can cheat with the game.

Conclusion: Pokemon Go Update

So make sure in order to not get banned you need to keep the following points in mind such as

  • Location mode to be set to the device only in case you are in trouble with something.
  • You might get banned if you will start the location far off the place.
  • If you keep getting a message that GPS signal is not found simply close your Pokemon Go and again launch it.

With the help of above-mentioned tips, you can simply avoid getting banned in this phase.

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