Technology that define the future of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development for Businesses

From sitting in front of desktops to picking portable laptops, and tapping the smartphones, we all have covered a long voyage so quickly. Now mobile users alone contribute more than 50% of the internet users and this is a massive amount. Mobile app development has made our daily life smooth and convenient, and also they have bestowed a lot to the business organizations in sustaining and conquering the harsh business environment.

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Every year new mobile application trends break the floor with something we have never imagined about.

Here are some mobile application trends that are shaping the future of today’s businesses

Chatbots are ruling everywhere

You might have come across a few chatbots as not all business organizations have deployed them. The chatbots are still under development and it is expected that within a few years, every business will deploy chatbots on their mobile application development.

Chatbots are taking the hassles of human efforts. These chatbots have the capabilities to deal with complex situations while delivering a satisfactory solution to your clients. This trend is assisting you in saving huge bucks, as not much manpower is needed.

Beacon technology has spiced the game

Beacon technology is quite uncommon among many people, but it has gained a massive presence in the year 2019.

Moreover, Beacon devices are based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which emits radio signals to prompt the mobile applications installed in your smartphone. This technology takes up the minimal battery from your phone and delivers an outstanding performance which is a commendable thing.

Beacon developers might surprise the world with smart beacon devices that can amalgamate with mobile applications and can make things really easier.


Blockchain caught a lot of buzz with the emergence of bitcoin and now blockchain is utilized in many mobile applications. Market researchers have claimed that most of the banks and fin tech companies are ready to invest their fortune in blockchain technology.

Blockchain has made mobile applications even secure and faster. Also, the payments processed, and other processes carried out with the help of blockchain are efficient than ever before.

Instant apps

Till the time when smartphones were not so powerful, installing mobile applications was a pain in the neck. The users have to follow a protocol of downloading and installing the applications which were time taking. But now things have changed completely.

Instant apps are trending everywhere and customers are finding these more beneficial and useful. Instant applications have entirely eradicated the need for downloading and installing apps. The users can directly access the application on the web which looks appealing and saves a lot of time.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app security is an emerging trend

You might be wondering that mobile app security has nothing to do with the latest trends, but it is merely a misconception. With the acceptance of data breaches by giants like Facebook and Uber, it is quite possible that other applications can also sustain some breaches.

App developers have again shifted their focus for the betterment of security and it is grossing as the latest trend in the year 2019.

Mobile payments

The way we accomplished our mobile payments is revolutionized completely. Some mobile applications are allowing the users to pay just with a tap on the receiver’s device. Isn’t it cool?

This has entirely eliminated the need of entering the receiver’s credentials as you can just tap their device and the payment is done. Businesses are looking forward to more payment options that can make it safer and easier to process payment on the go.

On-demand apps

Once there was a time when on-demand apps were considered as a massive blunder and were looked at as an inevitable thing. This inevitable thing is now shaping the future of mobile app development/trends. Users are more interested in on-demand applications than anything else.

Also, the users are looking for more applications that can offer on-demand functionalities. It is the high time for businesses to strike the hammer as the iron is hot.

AI and ML

Artificial intelligence has left no stone unturned in impacting the business industries. Every business vertical is using AI and ML to accomplish their processes. Let us take the example of Siri.

Siri is a smart virtual assistant that is making things more comfortable for the users. Same is the Google Assistant. Both the virtual assistants are based on the values of AI and ML.

Mobile App Development – Wrapping it up

Business should dig their feet deeper into these mobile app development/trends to swoon their clients. The businesses that are making use of these trends have better customer retention rate and they can also add new customers to their fleet because they are offering something unique.

Make sure that you are not missing anything and are making the best use of mobile app trends to magnetize the users.

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