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Powerful i9 MacBook Pro – The best Apple Laptop ever

As the i9 MacBook Pro is the most powerful new laptop Apple’s ever made. It is the new 2018, 8th generation Intel core i9, 15 inch MacBook Pro. This is everything you need to know about it. The i9 MacBook Pro is the new 8thg gen Intel core i9 with 2.9 GHz 6 core CPU, there is also a less powerful version but every new single 15 inch MacBook Pro now has a 6 core chip which is dope. It has an AMD Radeon pro 560X with 4 Gigs of video RAM, which is highest end GPU option having 32 Gigs of DDR 4 RAM up from the baseline 16 Gigs & a 4 Terabyte internal SSD up from the baseline 256 Gigs.

i9 macbook pro

As there are technically new thing about this laptop that are more minor but there are also worth noting.

True tone display

The new i9 MacBook Pro is filled with the ambient light color temperature sensor. So it can dynamically adjust the white balance of the display based on the room you are in. Now the touch bar is also a true tone display, so whenever the main display change color temperature to match the room you are in, the touch bar will match & change temperature too.


The keyboard is slightly updated. As it will look nearly identical from the outside except from a slightly different “Option” key. The Apple also has added a bit of a membrane under each key cap to prevent debris from entering.

T2 chip

Last year machines had the T1 chip, the new custom T2 chip has a bunch of other improvements & benefits like improve in encryption & secure boot.

Hey Siri

With this hey siri feature, you can turn screen saver on or open some folders with your voice. Like “Open my MP3 player or Open my downloads folder” etc.

Mac Configuration

So it’s worth purchasing this new laptop. As it has new specs & performance that is worth the extra money & upgrading. So the 6 core i9 is the new at the highest end with faster DDR4 vs last year DDR3. The Apple also bumped up the size of the internal battery just a little bit to keep the same claimed 10 hour battery life rating with less efficient DDR4 memory. The 4 Terabyte SSD is literally the fastest drive with maximum internal performance in a laptop. So if you work with big files, you need a big drive to have all those things in one place without external hard drives.

Apple loves thin quite laptops, basically they love being thin, sleek & quite. Apple comes along & their most powerful laptop is this thin uni body aluminum enclosure. The i9 MacBook Pro is rigid, sharp & clean but it also means not as much as airflow. The thermal design of i9 MacBook Pro is lot better.

Video editing with i9 MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro can also edit 4K, 6k & even 8K red raw footage on the MacBook Pro. You can also use high end video editor for making high quality 1080P or more quality videos using this laptop. As it takes these laptops forever to render out videos & trans code all these 3D, 8K RAW files into 4K pro res. Basically with the extra cores & the higher clock speeds & the improvement of the architecture of new chips are few improvements in i9 MacBook pro.

i9 MacBook Pro price: $6699

i9 MacBook Pro specs

2.9 GHz 6-Core


4TB SSD Card

AMD Radeon Pro 560X

8th Gen Intel Core i9

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