iPhone XR comes in 6 different colors and beautiful finishes

iPhone XR 6 Beautiful Finishes

Apple launched comparatively affordable iPhone models. The Apple just announced 3 new iPhones: iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XR etc. So the iPhone XR has the same A 12 bionic chip like other 2 phones of Apple. It also has the same RAM and the same upgraded internal specs, Face ID & notch. So what’s the main difference, what makes it the XR. First of all, it’s an LCD display instead of the OLED in the other 2 phones. As Apple generally makes pretty LCDs but it’s also worth noting, it’s a low resolution as well.

iphone xr
Image Credits: Apple.com

iPhone XR Display

The 1792p by 828p resolution on a 6.1-inch display. It’s still over 300 pixels per inch but you can’t even watch 1080p high definition videos on the screen. The other difference with the XR display is the bezels all the way around are just slightly thicker. With the iPhone XR, the LCD you have what they are calling a Liquid Retina Display, but you can’t quite get to touch the edge with this kind of screen. So every iPhone XR has a slightly thicker bezel, a little bit of chin, as it’s actually still way better than the foreheaded chin like on iPhone 8.

Moreover, the display panel has a 120 Hertz touch sensitive layer with true tone support. The iPhone XR has the most advanced LCD panel on the smartphone. The 3D touch is replaced by a Haptic touch. The iPhone XR has 64, 128 and 256 GB storage options.

XR 6 Colors

The iPhone XR comes in 6 different colors. As these iPhone XR have aluminum frames instead of stainless steel. So they do color the frames too.

iphone xr

Red – As this color is nice Red color with the black front with colored camera rings looks best

Coral – It’s like some sort of peachy pastel color [Pale orange frame] depending on how light hits on it.

Yellow – It’s like the saturated yellow than all of them and the aluminum sides of this are really pale.

iphone xr

White – It’s just like the De-Facto standard with whiter and brighter as compared to the silversides.

Black – As this color is super clean and stealthy dark mode.

Blue – It’s like a baby blue type of look with pale blue rails

XR Camera

The screen is still true tone, as its still has touched awake with lacking 3D touch. The iPhone XR has a single camera instead of a dual camera setup. So the single camera is the same as the primary one on the iPhone 10S. It is the newest 12 Megapixel camera with optical image stabilization with an F 1.8 aperture etc.

Moreover, it still has the software enable portrait mode as well. So you really not missing out on anything in the camera department at all. Moreover the dual SIM, standby smartphone covers iOS 12, highlighting a 6.1 inch LCD Retina display with a notch.

iPhone XR Tech Specs

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