What is International SEO? Quick Guide

International SEO

Well, international SEO is defined as translating your website into different languages and getting ranked in different countries. As this is one of the favorite things that people do. The Multilanguage in the international SEO means that they were translating your website into different languages and getting your website ranked in different language versions of Google.

international seo

As Google has different versions for each specific language and for each specific country. Moreover, there are lots of opportunity in developing countries. So if you translate your website into different language then you just double the number of potential customers. Like English is the biggest language, Spanish is the second biggest, so if you are not in Spanish, there’s a huge opportunity there.

The multiregional is basically looking at different countries. There are different country versions of Google. So if you got ranked in different countries, there’s a big opportunity to get more traffic from that area. So why would you go international for multilingual?

This is because for more traffic, revenue, leads, sales and also to help users. If you like to have a better user experience for your site, then you are going to make sure that you are offering your content that aligns specifically to the region and also aligns specifically to the language of your customers. As your website grows, your users automatically grow. So the users want to get that information in the area.

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So before you jump in and try to go just international, think about a couple of things first.


If you like to get ranked in Spain, does your business determine that you need people on the ground in Spain? What is the shipping cost going to be, if you are an e-commerce site shipping cost can be huge.


Do you have the staff to support a different language or countries?

Online Abilities

So what are your online abilities? Like, if you get translate your website into an entirely different language, think how many pages and content that you need to translate. So that in order to make your new site look as good as your current site.

international seo

So there’s an automatic translation system that allows you to push your site to live into a new language. But half of the time the grammar messed up and it doesn’t really read well. Moreover, you have somebody to go through and manually kind of check that stuff. If you have a big site, it’s a huge challenge. On the other hand, if you have a small site, it’s actually much easier.

So you want to make sure that the content is visible on the page the language is obvious. You want to make sure that that the content is visible on the page when the user visits there, they can see that right away. You also need to sure that the content for each language is on its own Url [Important].

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Moreover, where your server is located, this is the thing that the Google use to look quite a bit then that would influence your rankings. If your server is located where your website being delivered from in Japan that could have a propensity in order to have you ranked better in Japan.

As they are looking more at Geo settings in international SEO and some of the other settings. So the Geo settings you have in the search console, Google search console is the place where you submit your website and can set your Geo settings there etc. As this knows Google that this is the US, UK or Canada site.

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