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Integrate Endless OS with Windows

So how useful is a computer without the internet. 2/3 of the world lives offline and many of those who have some access to the internet still experience issues of quality and reliability. Slow speed and high cost limit what they can do. By designing an easy to use operating system and filling it with quality content to reach under served communities.The Endless OS is a free Linux based operating system that makes using a computer simpler & accessible for everybody.

Endless OS works quite easy from the moment you turn it on. Just like Android or smartphone Apps are open from the home screen with one simple click. Endless is designed to be useful even when you are offline. While using Endless, the quality content is always at your fingertips. You can find the information you need when you need it. Moreover there is a built in App center where you can access over 100 Apps and add any favorites to the desktop. Endless Apps are pre-installed & totally free to use.

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The Endless OS is a great tool for children’s homework, as it comes with David office completely free. Moreover there is a word processor for creating documents, spreadsheet App and a presentation App for professional presentations. One can also open and edit a Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. You can also edit photo, videos and mixing audio for creating awesome graphic illustrations. Endless OS is a rich educational resource for all ages. There are Apps to teach problem solving, typing and programming. The Endless OS also pre-loaded with music & videos for the whole family to enjoy. As there are games for kids of all ages.

The Endless OS installer

The Endless installer allows you to install the Endless OS alongside your Windows operating system, which is commonly known as dual boot. It literally means that anyone can install Endless operating system alongside your existing Microsoft Windows operating system. Your computer will be divided between two operating system. Make sure that you have enough space for both OS. This also means that you won’t lose any kind of information in the form of files and software’s. The files that will saved on Endless won’t be seen on Windows.

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Download Endless now.

The Endless installation process has three steps

  1. Downloading
  2. Verification
  3. Installing

After installation, restart your PC. Once you restart a dual OS screen appears allowing you to choose Windows or Endless. By using the up and down arrows on your keyboard, select the desired OS you like to run and press enter key.

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Endless OS features

endless os

As it is designed to be simple for anyone to use and works works easily the moment you turn it on. Endless OS is perfect for the novice user or someone who already uses the PC. Endless comes pre-loaded with solutions to empower you to live your life. Moreover all your favorite Apps are on your desktop. With one click, you can access your browser. Endless OS was built to work with or without the net. Endless Apps can be used to rate school projects, reports, edit your resume and do pretty much things you need. There’s a full list of encyclopedia, different educational videos and lectures, free Apps for health and wellness, Parenting and more etc.

Finally, Endless is designed to be more than just a computer.

How to install Endless OS on Windows OS

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