IL Take Care App ICICI – A Unique Cashless Solution

IL Take Care App – Benefits for OPD Customers

The mobile revolution seems to take over the lifestyle of regular citizens as well as the way industries run their businesses and connect with their customers on a real-time basis. It’s all for good reasons. Especially when it comes to the healthcare space and healthcare insurance segment. Apps have come a long way from just being a technical phenomenon to becoming an instrument that offers a better lifestyle. The IL Take Care App developed by ICICI in collaboration with Practo (both are niche brands in their respective domains) is the latest addition in healthcare solutions space.

The app is a solution provider to the OPD or outpatient customer’s expenses. The key benefits include:

1. Book appointment on a real-time basis to consult a doctor.

2. Auto claim filing and real-time approval of outpatient claims.

3. Conduct prescribed tests at your nearest network diagnostics center or avail of home sample pick-up.

4. Buy discounted medicines at a store or get them delivered at home.

il take care app

Unique Cashless solution

The app addresses key primary health concerns of OPD customers. From real-time access to a cashless network of specialized doctors to consultation and medical spends. Moreover, the app creates immense convenience to give a hassle-free experience to patients. It also allows patients to create a secure record of their health history. Like – billing transactions, online consultations, diagnostics, tests, and other affordable outpatient facilities and treatments.

We’re clearly aware of the logistical issues and this app would create the utmost convenience in times of an emergency. India’s healthcare segment still has a long way to go in serving its customers with services. That ease the pain of petty issues, formalities and protocols which cause unwanted delay and even loss of lives in some cases. Moreover, this app clearly seems to be the right step in the right direction.

il take care app
il take care app

The collaboration pays attention to a neglected aspect of healthcare. As it merges a caring attitude of ICICI with Practo’s new Trinity Technology that emphasizes paperless and cashless experiences for patients in their everyday healthcare needs.

The app is an example of increased penetration and new digital models of service delivery that are bringing a shift in the Indian healthcare industry.

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