How To Save Android Phone Overheating ? How To Cool It

Android Phone Overheating Issues

Android Phone Overheating, what to do now ? Today we will discuss the topic on saving Android phone overheating and cooling to save battery life. Many people are facing similar problems of overheating with their mobile phones – weather it is Android, Apple, Windows or any other. Is your Android phone is always going to be overheated. If you have the same problem with your mobile, then you are in the right place here. So how to stop your device from overheating.

Android Phone Overheating

Tips and Tricks to save Android phone overheating, Here is the fix.

1..Open your Phone Hardware – The first thing you need when your device becomes overheated is to switch off your device and remove the overheated battery. Wait for 5 minutes and then insert the battery in your Android phone. This will reduce small amount of heat and cool down your Android phone battery.


Turn off your mobile phone for at least 5 minutes. Then boot your device in the recovery mode. Tap on wipe the cache partition, again reboot the phone in normal mode.

2. Uninstall Apps – Uninstall Unnecessary Apps and Games that consumes lots of your Android battery. Remove those Apps which you don’t need or automatically installed by third party. Close all those Apps running in the task manager or in the background. For this you need to Download Apps like 360 Degree Antivirus and Shut App.

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2. Avoid Multitasking – This simply means playing Games, Downloading, taking call and other activity running at the same time, overheats your device quickly. So avoid multitasking with your device to reduce overheating.

3. Clean RAM Automatically – You can also clean your Android RAM automatically by downloading Android for Assistant from Google Play Store. It automatically keeps your Android device cool and refresh. You can use this cool App for monitoring RAM, ROM and CPU info. It has auto boost feature, through which one can enable or disable by selecting a check box in the settings option.

4. Install Free Apps from Google Play Store Like

Cooler Master – It is one of the best Apps for Android. Just open this App and tap on Detect Overheating Apps. It will start scanning your Android CPU. Cooler Master will take some time to scan your device. After scanning, tap on Cool Down button, as to cool down those Apps which are consuming your phone battery. It will make your Android CPU cool down. After that go back again to see how much temperature of phone battery is cool down.

Clean Master – Open clean master App and tap on Tools and then CPU cooler. It scans your Android CPU and shows you the current temperature in the device. After scanning, tap on the green button Cool Down and the temperature drops in degrees. With Clean Master, you can also boot the RAM and clean junk files in your device.

CPU Monitor – Install CPU monitor from the play store and open. This Apps works instantly and its interface is pretty simple, running and monitoring the CPU of your Android device. You can ever refresh the list in CPU monitor. On of the feature is the live widget of this App, that gives you the percentage of the CPU usage. This App monitors your device CPU usages and you can check which App is consuming your system and shut them instantly. This will save overheat and increase your device battery life.

So these are some of the Tricks that will help you to cool down and extend your Android battery life more.

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