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Make your own iPhone

You wonder if you could build your own iPhone. So to make a phone, you need four pieces like metal back, the shell, screen, battery, and the mother or logic board, which is the circuit board that has the processor and the memory.

How are iPhone made in Shenzen, China?

make an iphone

Shenzen Market China

This is one of the largest markets for a box. This market is super chaotic. There are stacks of phones everywhere you look around. Moreover, the motherboard is the most important and expensive part of the iPhone. As this one is the 32-gigabyte version of the iPhone with a cost of about $200. Moreover, you can search the motherboard with the back panel including battery and the camera.

In the Shenzen market, you can also find a bunch of really cool designs and colors of an iPhone back that don’t look like anything Apple makes. You can build any version of iPhone available there including different parts. The quality is guaranteed. Moreover, within 3 days you got the warranty on the phone you assembled after various testing.

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How is an iPhone built

What materials are used to make an iPhone

Apple, the standard thing for the USA. So what actually we need to make a standard quality iPhone.

  1. We need the glass
  2. Digitizer
  3. Camera [front and back]
  4. LED
  5. iPhone back with backlight
  6. OCA [Optically Clear Adhesive]
  7. Touch sensor for force touch
  8. LCD

You also need a bunch of other smaller parts like screws, cables, brackets, case, board, speakers etc. You also gonna need some little tiny bag of screws that includes all the screws that you need to build one phone. So you need everything a phone has. Other parts all this process needs to be made without dust or it has to be very clean during the installation of the iPhone. So there are people who can do this in the Shenzen market. Moreover, you can also move to the repair shop in the market. For the best output, you can buy the parts yourself first and bring it to the repair shop.

You can buy all other necessary parts regarding an iPhone with different versions. As this includes Camera, Battery, Motherboard, back case, screen and more. So if you have all the parts, you can easily assemble the phone yourself or with the help of a technician. After assembling, you can check the whole phone and its features. So all the necessary parts are available in Shenzhen market. All the pars must be matched precisely for better results. After installation, you can test or check the assembled iPhone.

It used to be that you bought everything in the markets with cash. Moreover, the most complex part is the logic board. As it’s really the brains of the phone, but it’s also the part that inspires you the most.

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How much does it cost to make an iPhone in China

Moreover, you can upgrade to any latest version of an iPhone without any issues in this market. The total cost of all the parts is around $200 to $250.

You can also learn a lot about how the phone ecosystem, repair, and refurbishing works here in the Shenzen market. So Apple engineering is awesome, as it’s so easy to repair and recycle these phones. Even a newbie can figure out how to put together phone. It’s totally durable if you have access to parts, some basic tools and some good advice or instructions regarding iPhone assembling or repair. All this stuff isn’t rocket science, as it’s not a lot different putting together your own desktop computer.

make an iphone

What you will get in the Shenzen market

You will be getting a phone box with all the bits, headphones, charging cables, manuals and a charger like a new iPhone of your choice. Moreover, you can also learn a bunch of cool stuff in China.

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