How to increase active Facebook group engagement

Facebook Group Engagement

Facebook group engagement – Groups are one of the best assets that you can have for your Facebook business. Well Facebook is the place where you can continue to build close relationship with your community online. Share your knowledge, value, creativity and position yourself as a leader in your space. When you have new products and services to offer, you have a built in audience and customer database who will give you their feedback and be the first to buy your new products and services. So why you should and how Facebook groups can be an incredible asset for your business.

facebook group engagement

Growing and engaged Facebook group is one of the most powerful thing that you can do for yourself. Inside your Facebook group, your audience not only has access to asking question, but this is the place where like minded people can come together. This is a great way to establish credibility and position yourself as a leader with in your niche.

Facebook groups

Some questions you need to know.

a) why you need a facebook group?

b) how to promote facebook group?

c) how to create a private facebook page?

d) how to advertise on facebook for free?

So it is beneficial for you to have a highly engaged Facebook group. So how to start the Facebook group that actually engaged and active online. How to increase engagement on Facebook page.

facebook group engagement

Facebook group engagement tips

Good Branding

Make sure that your group is aligned with your brand colors and your brand aesthetic across all your platforms online. So that people know it’s actually you, who’s hosting this private group on Facebook. Make sure that your group is public so that each and every one could figure out what it was about. You also make sure that your banner on Facebook group reflects who’s hosting the group.

Facebook Post

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In order to do so, you should have a picture of yourself and it should say hosted by you. In this way people know that you are the founder of it. Make sure you have a call to action in the banner of some way, form, telling people to like or comment. You may also use a hashtag, and it is a great thing to do with your business. Hashtag can be used everywhere online. So it is a great way to gain more exposure for your Facebook group.

Group Expectations

People know what to expect in a group and what is allowed and what will get them booted. So creating a welcome video and pinning it to the top of your group. That’s is just used for welcome people in your group by telling the purpose of the group. By doing this, people are clear on purpose on what the group is for. In this way you can keep the integrity of the group intact.

Content Management

In order for your community to actually want to engage, you have to create content. As you want to encourage conversation, communication & engagement support with your members to keep them active.

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facebook group engagement
facebook group engagement

Cross Promotion

In order for people to know actually about your group, you need to tell them about your group. So cross promote your group on all your social channels for driving people on the group to request access. Moreover post it on all of your social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, tumble, Facebook etc. So that drives lots of new members consistently into the group.

Email List

Facebook group is a kind of second email list. It’s just one more place where you have access to your ideal customer or client to know who they are, and what they need. Moreover you can share your offerings and services to them.

Facebook Analytics

Groups now have group analytics, so you can actually get insight into exactly, who your target audience is [age, sex, location etc]. With the help of Facebook analytics, you can track each and every record of people engaged with your group. Moreover Facebook analytics is mainly used for research purpose by group admin.

Facebook Live Videos

So go live in your group. As this is the best unique way to continue the conversation with your audience and to keep them engaged with in your group. You need to keep bringing people back to your home page for your business which is your Facebook group.

Do exclusive free live training and drive people from all your social media channels into your Facebook group to attend those live training’s. So you as a leader of the group, fairly do regular Q & A within. Answer any question that some people may have or follow some difficulty in your group. Sometimes question asked within the group can actually be answered by other members that becomes self-sustaining. So you don’t have to be in there every second.

By using these Facebook group engagement tips, you are going to attract a highly targeted audience where everyone is interested in the same thing.

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