How to find lost Android phone or iPhone in USA

Find lost Android phone in USA

Find lost Android phone – Some times it feels frustrated when you do not find your phone. Your phone contains vital information which are arranged in a difficult manner. According to the reports, about 3 million people in the United states [US] are victims of the smart phone theft. So here are the few things you should do when you loose your Android phone.

Find lost Android phone

The security system built in your Android device itself to get back your phone if it is lost, misplaced or you cannot find it. You may never know when you can loose your Android phone. The only thing to find your Android phone is when it is connected online. However our internet should be on your device in the form of WiFi or mobile data and GPS should be on [Optional].

How to find lost Android phone with GPS

With the help of GPS you could even pin point your device exact location. You can trace lost Android phone using GPS. For this you need to open your PC browser and type Make sure that your Google account on Android device is logged in and also on browser PC both with the same Google account.

Find lost Android phone
Android Device Manager

Find lost android phone tracker

Go to and search/type “Where is my Android” and press enter.

You can also search keywords like.

a. Find my phone in USA

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c. Find my phone location in USA

d. Find my phone location GPS in USA

At that moment Google will try to locate your Android device, if the GPS is on. It will pin point the exact location of your phone right on searching the house or street. At that moment Google is trying to locate your device. If the GPS is OFF, you can still access other settings. After locating device on Google map, click on your device. The Google map will give you an area view of your device with the exact location where your Android device is located. You can further Zoom in to see which street or house is your device is present. Once you have located your Android device, you can now choose or select the options. Steps to find lost Android phone are as :

Find lost Android phone

  • Ring

  • Lock

  • Erase

1. Ring – By clicking on this option, a message pops up saying “Your device will ring at full volume for 5 minutes. Press the power button to stop the ringing“. This option is helpful if you have dropped your Android device in your house or at other place. You can use this option to ring your Android phone. So you can find lost Android phone with the help of Ring.

2. Lock – This is the most important feature if you have password protected your Android device. About 60 to 70 percent of the people have password protected Android devices. You can click on the lock option to lock your Android phone. By clicking on Lock option, a new lock screen will pop up. In this screen you can assign a new lock password, if you do not have you can write a new password with custom message and contact number. By this interface anyone who has your device can easily see your message written by you with alternate phone number. It is a very useful feature.

3. Erase – By using this option, everything on your Android device will be removed. All the data, Pictures, Video and other information will be gone or erased. This feature is helpful for those people who have sensitive or personal data in their mobile phones.

How to find lost Android phone using GPS/WIFI/Data

So take care of your mobile devices as most of the people in this word are totally dependent on their devices. These are the few tricks to find lost Android phone with the help of Google map. You can find lost Android phone using GPS/WIFI/Data on Computer/PC and on other mobile device browser.

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