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God of War

God of war release date

The new release date of this game starts from 2018. God of war 4 is an action-adventure [Sony PS4] game published by SIEE Developer – Santa Monica Studios.

God of war 3 is a fantastic action game that caps of kratos trilogy very nicely. Kratos and his fantastic world are prettier then ever in god of war 3 remastered in the PlayStation 4. This game is still great from 5 years on, thanks for the over the top action and a sense of skill that still gets everybody’s hart raising. The PlayStation 3 version of god of war 3 is looks nice with its 30 to 40 frames per second but the PlayStation 4 remastered looks even better. The combo mechanic are excellent, the character Kratos can quickly switch between multiple weapons like Hades claw and a bow with a simple trigger.

God of war

The combos are easily performed with a simple combination of face buttons in Kratos moves responsively. God of war 3 was an impressive feed for its day and still impresses today. Its beautiful graphics are prettier than ever and a higher frame adds more solidity to the action. The god of war is one of the best action adventure game you can possible get for your PlayStation. The game is the first sort of non twisted metal project headed up by director David Jaffe. Who was responsible pretty much all the games in the twisted metal series. It is such a well refined polished awesome game in every way.

In the game, you play as the muscular angry looking spartan warrior named Kratos. You are on a mission of revenge to kill the God like Ares or Zeus. Basically, you have to find a way to kill all of them before they destroy Athens.

God of war game play

You just running around gonna go kill the God of war. The game actually takes a really slow burn kind of approach with the story line. Fist and foremost god of war is just a ton of fun. This game is such a simple mix of combat and puzzle solving. It might as well almost be a Zelda game in some ways. The combat is just so friendly like a couple of different attack buttons that we try to get into the combos, that’s don’t worry too much about memorizing combos. God of war is a very natural feeling game and likewise some puzzle solving are pretty much challenging. Its balance between the combat and the puzzle solving in such a way that it’s a fine line while walking really well. God of war has an immensely dark tone to it. All the actions in this game is so crazy.

God of war movie trailer

The Kratos is the ultimate hero with no mercy for any one but all he wants to do is to kill the god of war. The most memorable aspect of this game are just really everything is the boss fight. The boss fights are absolutely epic. The combat is really good even just against aggressive enemies. God of war 4 just really works as a best. Every component in the game feels like it should be there.

There is no filler and no random mechanic that just seems like throws away you. You need everything the game has to offer for the combat types, the magics, puzzle the way it all fits together is just seamless. It is simply a fantastic game and one of the best action adventure game on the PlayStation. If you love the action adventure game, this is the game for you.

God of war Titans

Why the God of War series are so famous?

Playing this game is too much fun.

1. First of all this game has difficult as well as easy levels to play as to beat each and every boss.

2. You can gain the great powers, that can be used by killing the bosses like Medusa,  Aries, Poseidon and Zeus.

3. Play interesting and challenging levels by defeating all the Gods, step by step.

4. Moreover, you can use different powers and combos to defeat all the enemies.

This game is focused on combo based combat with full of fun.


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