Few things to consider before buying refurbished smartphones

Refurbished Smartphones

Refurbished smartphones: These days smart-phones have become a necessity without which it is not possible to survive. Add to it the fact that the smartphone market is expanding at an unprecedented rate. New smartphones are being launched almost every day promising new and exciting features. New and improved mobile phones with a sleek look, prolonged battery life, better camera and a whole range of other new specifications can be easily found. This is reason enough, that you want to update your phone.

refurbished smartphones
refurbished smartphones

Mobile phones are also used for a number of tasks. This includes accessing the internet, ordering food, transferring money, taking pictures, fixing meetings and booking a flight etc. Getting a new mobile phone can make all these tasks much easier. It will also add to your personality, given smartphones are very much part of the overall appearance of any person.

However, it is not always possible to get yourself a new mobile given at the high cost. Therefore many people choose to buy refurbished smartphones. Refurbished mobile phones can save you a lot of money when shopping for a new phone. But before you shop for refurbished smartphone online there are certain things you should always keep in mind to make sure that you are not fooled.

What are refurbished mobiles?

Refurbished mobile phones are phones that are returned by the previous owner due to minor defects. Most online retailers follow a ten-day return policy allowing you to return the box-opened mobile phone. Unlike second-hand mobile phones, these box-opened returned smartphones undergo a rigorous testing as well as repair and fixing of bugs where required. It further goes through a certification process and has a back-up warranty. Buying a refurbished mobile phone offers a number of advantages in terms of price and features. Still, you should take all the necessary precautions to make sure that the phone is not stolen or has been repaired properly.

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Precautions you need to take before shopping for a refurbished smartphone:

1. Factory Settings

When searching for a refurbished smartphone always make sure that it has been completely wiped out of all the data from the previous owner. If the phone has not been reset to factory settings but is being sold as refurbished this could mean that the mobile phone has been stolen and is not safe for use. Factory setting restoration will help you use the smartphone according to your preference. If, however, you find that the phone has data from the previous owner it suggests that the phone has not been entirely refurbished and you should think again before purchasing it.

2. Warranty

When purchasing a refurbished mobile phone, always make sure to check if it is covered under warranty or not? Most companies or the manufacturer dealing in the sale of refurbished mobile phones extend this warranty while others not. You should also realize that this warranty will not be the same as that offered on a new phone. But it should have the assurance that any future defects in parts, whether repaired or replaced will be covered by the manufacturer. If no warranty is offered then maybe you should consider buying it from some other place.

3. ESN number

Every mobile phone has the Electronic Serial Number (ESN). It is unique to each mobile handset and is listed under the battery of the mobile phone. Since the ESN is unique to each mobile this can be used to find out the details of the previous owner. Ask your manufacturer to tell you about the previous owner of the phone using the ESN number. This can also help you find you if the phone was stolen or is genuine.

refurbished smartphones
refurbished smartphones

4. Accessories

Before you make your purchase you should always check if all the accessories and other necessary items are included along with your refurbished mobile phone. Also, check if the accessories are genuine and correct. As because your phone will not operate properly when connected with accessories that are not compatible with your mobile phone. Wrong accessories can also result in damaging your mobile phone. Hence always make sure that you are getting the right accessories along with your refurbished mobile phone.

5. Is it unlocked?

If you are purchasing a refurbished mobile phone make sure that it is unlocked. A locked mobile phone will only work with a specific provider whereas an unlocked mobile phone will work with any provider. Hence it is extremely important to check these things to make sure that you don’t face any problem while activating your mobile phone once you have purchased it.


Since price is one of the main factors in choosing a refurbished mobile phone. You should always make sure that the price at which it is being offered is lower than as new phones of the same model. You can easily check it out on online websites that sell mobile phones. Refurbished mobiles have been previously owned maybe used too and have some parts repaired or replaced.

Buying it at the same price especially from the sites like Togofogo would be a great decision. But, purchasing it at the same rate as that of a new phone would be a mistake. Similarly, if it is priced too low then the expected price, then maybe there are some issues with it and you should reconsider your purchase.

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