Facebook creator App vs YouTube creator

Facebook creator App vs YouTube creator

Facebook has launched their new App called Facebook creator App. As it really aimed at people that are already creating on different platforms like YouTube. It seems to be centered and very focused around videos. Obviously trying to take a cut of YouTube market share in videos. Everyone is on YouTube trying to get on their content out there and this is what the Facebook creator App actually looks like. Facebook is now sharing an ad revenue split with creators who upload videos to their platform. So its time to jump from YouTube and go over to Facebook and make a lot more money.

So go ahead to Facebook Creator page

The Facebook creator App is just for your phone and it’s a nice way for the people that are like streaming from their mobile device. The Facebook creator App is going to come soon on the Google play store a little bit later.

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Facebook vs Google

Google vs Facebook advertising

So how does the ads actually work on Facebook video. The as revenue split is same on Facebook video as it is on YouTube. As 55 percent of the ad revenue goes to the creator and 45 percent goes to Facebook. The ads here on Facebook is not like on YouTube. If someone will watch a video and if they want to believe the video there will be a list of other related or suggested videos that they could then opt to watch. When they start watching one of those suggested videos then an ad will shown. An ad can run for any duration, the advertiser will only pay after someone views that ad for 10 or more seconds.

As there will not be any skip now buttons like YouTube and the advertiser also isn’t paying instantly like they still want to pay for an engaged view. The people on YouTube want that too, that is why YouTube actually gives 30 seconds before the advertiser has to pay.

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Google ads vs Facebook ads

On the Facebook, this is going to be 10 seconds and the ad revenue actually gets split between two videos. Like one of the person just finished watching and the one that the person tapped to watch next. The total amount of the revenue earned for entire viewing session get split equally among all that videos in that viewing session which is very different on the YouTube. On the Facebook the ad revenue split between just two videos or the entire viewing session.

Facebook will help determine which video to highlight and which videos to show you more, weather or not you actually tap or click to watch the video with audio in full screen or in little window. There is also an option just like in YouTube, to watch video in HD [High Definition] or just in Standard definition. Moreover you can also comment, share and like the video on the Facebook.

Facebook or YouTube video

Facebook is getting very smart with how they use video on their platform. As a creator, you should attract as certain audience or reach certain audience of people. As its going to make certain video more valuable and let Facebook really rise those to the top. Like YouTube, optimizing video on Facebook is going to be this whole new category, like optimizing your own videos on Facebook.

The online video is becoming more and more mainstream. The opportunity in online video is so big and that is the market where both entities [YouTube and Facebook] are going after. As it will be a really long time until they start bumping into each other for ad dollars and start competing with each other. The Facebook strategy is very different than what you would do for a YouTube strategy. The main thing that works here is the long form content, audience growth development, SEO, Social media like shareable. As people are intentionally looking for videos online, you can really boost the engagement and make your video fit on the platform.

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