Earn online || 4 sites that pays you money on daily basis

Online sites that pays you money

Earn online Daily

Earn online – If you are a freelancer or looking for sites that pay you daily cash. So here are some of the online sites that pays you cash on daily basis.


The first online site is Amazon mechanical Turk or mturk. In mturk you can earn online daily. This site is popular in USA [United States]. Here you all have to do is just register and sign up on mturk. After you are registered on mturk, all you have to do is log in and then you will see a variety of different short task that you can do work on any time of the day – night whenever you need. There is no certain amount of time that you have to a lot during the day to work. Its really up to you, that how can work to your own schedule. In Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can see they have lots of different task.

earn online
earn online

Tasks like –

  1. Data entry [$1 – $5]
  2. Transcription [$5 – $20]
  3. Surveys [$1 – $5]
  4. Crowd sourcing [$0.10 – $0.50]
  5. Write a review [$2 – $10]
  6. Opinions [$1.50 – $3]
  7. Find Addresses on Google Map [$3 – $5]
  8. Short Surveys [$0.08 – $0.30]
  9. Language Translation [$1 – $5]
  10. Category Selection [$0.20 – $0.40]
  11. App Testing [$5 – $10]

So these are some of the tasks, that is done by online workers on daily basis. Moreover this sites pays you in Amazon Gift Card, that is in Amazon.com. You can redeem your money into gift card. The transfer is fast in few minutes and your gift card will be added to your Amazon account.

So Sign Up as a Worker on Mturk


The second online site is microworkers [A crowd sourcing job]. In microworkers, you can do small micro task and earn small amounts of money for doing so. People who like to make or earn online a little bit of money part time working from home, then this is definitely a good online site for those people. here on microworkers, tasks are based on –

  1. SEO [search engine optimization] [$0.10]
  2. Web marketing [$0.40]
  3. Email Signup [$0.10]
  4. Keyword research [$0.15]
  5. Mobile Application Testing [Android or iOS] [$1]
  6. Facebook Like [$0.15]
  7. Twitter jobs [$0.18]
  8. Take a survey [$0.60]
  9. Article Writing [$2.50]

Register on Microworkers

earn online
earn online

You can also use this site to hire other people around the world to do the small task. You probably going to make a lot of money on microworkers. The minimum payout here is $10. As you can see there are lots of jobs when ever you login or refresh your web browser. Payout options are as –

  1. PayPal
  2. Moneybookers (Skrill)
  3. DWolla (USA users only)


Points2shop is a simple online site and well organized to make lots of money. You can earn online points for free rewards online. As it is a survey offer based website in which you can basically complete a variety of offers for profit. In points2shop, you can earn cash as well as points by doing surveys and offers online. The survey ranges from [$1 – $3]. You can get sometimes approx 50 surveys, if you are from USA or UK. More over you can also buy stuff directly from amazon.com. You can also withdraw your online money [Minimum $1 in PayPal and $5 for others] using these payment options like.

  1. PayPal
  2. Global Virtual Visa Reward
  3. Check
  4. Amazon.com Gift Card
earn online
earn online

As in points2shop, there are also some certain Honour levels available with new features and offers. You need to work more on points2shop for getting top Honour level. The Honour level in points2shop is defined as – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite, Diamond and Legend. Points2shop also powered by a live chat system known shout box. You can also chat with any users in points2shop for any help regarding surveys or offers.

Sign Up for points2shop


Swagbucks is yet another online site in which you can earn a lot. It is 100% free and allows you to earn rewards by completing various activities like survey. You will be paid to search the internet, surveys, complete offers and watching videos etc.

earn online
earn online

Swagbucks only pay with gift cards and they do offer thousands of gift card options with five dollar increments. Swagbucks  is similar to points2shop, but it has some much more features from points2shop.

So Sign Up for Swagbucks

So explore these sites to earn online for your part or full time income.

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