Best Online Digital Platforms to Improve Your Knowledge

Online Digital Platforms for Knowledge

Digital Platforms: Technological advancement has made the world evolve in a number of ways. Modern society has a very different structure compared to the older ones. Our ways of socializing, working, and learning are very different from the previous generations. If we particularly talk about the changes that have occurred in the field of education, we would come to notice that the transformation is huge.

The methods of learning have mainly changed because of the technological advancements that have replaced books with gadgets. This replacement is damaging the minds of the new generations by keeping them away from the experience of reading. Students now focus more on social media networks than books. This kills their capacity to think precisely and weakens their capacity to establish a crucial knowledge of the things around them. However, we can cope with the damage quite effectively if we learn how to benefit ourselves from the internet to improve our knowledge.

This article is to address the digital platforms that are accessible online and can be a perfect source for improving the knowledge of individuals who prefer using internet over reading. These digital platforms can keep you updated about different fields of study and the general world. Other than this they can be a good teacher when you need to learn something specific.

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So let’s start with the most popular sites for information seekers, Wikipedia.


Wikipedia, undoubtedly, is one of the most famous sites all around the world. They provide credible information about a range of topics including psychology, medical sciences, economics, journalism, history, and I.T. What makes Wikipedia stand apart from other sites is the fact that Wikipedia provides encyclopedias that are readable and understandable not only by subject experts but also by commoners. Researchers and college students equally benefit from the site. Also, the information present on the site is reliable because Wikipedia encourages researchers and subject specialists to create a Wikipedia page about their specific subject. Even if the page maker is not a researcher or an expert, they have to provide with verifiable references to prove the credibility and to get the information published.


Quora is also one of the famous educational sites that encourages discussion about a number of educational topics. This digital platform allows individuals to stumble upon new information and share their own information with other users. This can be a good way for increasing your knowledge through online discussion. Also, it allows the participants to learn about other people’s perspective on different topics.


EdX is one of the famous sites that offer a lot of online courses to its users. The site has over 16 million learners who benefit from the online classes. The site is backed by the top universities of the world including Harvard and MIT. This site provides the users with a great opportunity to learn from the best teachers.


As the world is evolving, societies are becoming more and more individualistic in their ways. This individualism requires everyone to deal with their own finances and pay their own bills. This is why it is important to learn about the basics of economy and finance. Investopedia is a site that can provide you with all the basic information about economics and finances in an easy to understand way. If you are planning to become an entrepreneur in the future, you should develop a habit of using Investopedia frequently. It will enhance your understanding of business and give you insight about business concepts.

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Udemy is also one of the good sites for enhancing knowledge and learning new skills. This can be a great way to take up extra courses related to your profession at any point in your life. The site offers 80,000 plus courses and can be accessed worldwide. It provides courses related to a range of categories including design, photography, marketing, IT and software, and business.


Usually, it is perceived that YouTube is a site that people use for entertainment, but the fact is that YouTube can be a great source of learning. You can discover plenty of stuff from watching YouTube tutorials. The skills that you can learn from YouTube include painting, cooking, speaking a language, self-defense, and a number of other useful skills. Nowadays, it’s the best digital platform for youngsters.


Goodreads is a site that provides its users with books. Using this site can reward you with a strong reading habit. The good thing about this site is that it provides with reviews for the popular books so that the users can have an overview before reading the book.

These are the few digital platforms that can help you keep yourself engaged in a productive activity when you are using the internet. Making yourself familiar to these sites will enhance your knowledge and improve your overall understanding of the world. You can also find other websites related to your subject of interest in learning about something specific.

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