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Best Pharmacy Apps

Every profession is using apps these days to stay in touch with the latest research and advancements. Like other professionals pharmacists also find it difficult to stay on top of things in such fast-moving worlds. With a short bit of research, you can get amazing apps if you are a pharma professional. What if we save you that trouble and find you the best pharmacy apps that you can find.

Here are 8 best pharmacy apps for pharmacists / Technicians

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1. Medscape 

Medscape is probably the most compressive pharmacy apps for medical professionals out there. It has more than 1.2 million users worldwide. It is literally a treasure of knowledge about more than 35 areas of medical industry. You can benefit from the research and even share it with your friends.

James Hopkins from Gynexin World says “various users share their research information on drugs, effects, side effects and much more. Users also share their experiences with other medical professionals that you can benefit from.”

2. MedCalc Pro

If you are a medical professional and often get confused with salts and formals, MedCalc Pro will make the task very easy for you. The application contains more than 350 scores, scales, and classification of formulas. All the formulas are complete with references. There is a detailed admin panel where you only have to put in the basic data and the app returns what you need.

3. Critical- Medical Guide 

In any medical emergency, time is of the essence. Even the seconds are valuable. You don’t want to get stuck on references and various points. This is lifesaving stuff. With Critical-Medical Guide, you can look up references as well as courses of actions and procedures. All of this is very well presented through diagram and images.

4. MedPage

It is an application that focuses on keeping you updated with the latest medical news and research. MedPage even offers live coverage of various seminars and conferences around the globe. The app aims to educate and inform medical professionals as much as possible by delivering what is latest in the industry.

5. WebMD 

WebMD is one of the biggest and most popular medical pharmacy apps in the information. It is considered to be one of the biggest medical information resources globally. The app has all the important information that you can check easily. You also get access to various first aid and health facilities near you. You can save your searches and articles.  

6. Redi-Reader

If you are viewing into the legal aspect of pharma, Redi-Reader is the best option for you. It covers all the legal references and guidelines from institutions like the American Diabetes Association, CDC, the American Thoracic Society and Infectious Disease Society of America and other such prominent medical journals.

7. Pharmacy Times

Pharmacy Times, as the name suggested, is more like a newspaper of the medical profession. The app will give you the latest and most relevant information you need as a pharmaceutical professional. This information includes news, reviews, ratings, research, journals and much more. It is a must download.

8. Micromedex

Micromedex is an iOS app that specializes in information on medical drugs. You will acquire almost everything you need to make an essential clinical decision in pharmacy. The information available on Micromedex is very detailed and also impartial – something that is a tricky business in the pharmaceutical industry generally.

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