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Best Android Simulation Games

Guys have always been hardcore game enthusiast or freaks, especially regarding simulation games. It has continuously been talking of the town among men. Among the most trendy ones are simulation games that enable us to submerge ourselves in a different world. Moreover, it provides us with the most significant prospect to get the flavor of how would it feel to survive a rare type of life. At the same time, they can be exceptionally engaging and tricky. With that in mind, I have shortlisted the best 5 Android Simulation games.

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Top Android Simulation games

This War of Mine

As this crazy game [This War Of Mine] is one of the most hyped games for Android phone. It can be played in PC, Mac, Play Station and iOS. It is a survival game, full of thrills. Over here you must defend yourself and also the co-survivors. So nevermore believe that you will be having guns or any other weapons. So you are performing the role of a civilian in the simulation game. Moreover, you are threatened by food deficit, snipers and looming wars, which are targeting at your head.

Trailer – The War Of Mine

You have to handle the shelter as well as take suitable judgments that can prevent you from dying and help you to get rescued. Moreover, it is a premium game valued at $14. The very big benefit it provides is that it shows no ads in between the game.

Adventure Capitalist

This game [Adventure Capitalist] falls under sub-genre named idle clickers. Over here all you achieve is clicking. Right after beginning the game, you will see a unique lemonade stand. However, you can discover new stuff on the move. The jokes on the game are exceptionally addictive. You start achieving investor angels, once your capitalist firm is popular.

Trailer – Adventure Capitalist

This, in turn, enhances the profit. So you can also enlarge your nation to other places such as the Moon and Mars. Moreover, it contains ads as well.

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Fallout Shelter

This favorite game [Fallout Shelter] is all about constructing an underground new kind of world. To make it possible, you need to hire the appropriate people, with accurate objects. You need the perfect plan to do that. In addition to that, it contains one impressive part for survival and exploration. It appears with one of the best graphics, we have ever seen in this kind of Android simulation games.

Trailer – Fallout Shelter

Moreover, Fallout Shelter contains no ads. Moreover, on most gadgets, you could enjoy a picture-perfect experience. Lastly, this game is free of cost.


InstLife is primarily a life simulator game. It does not indicate any storyline. As you get matured, take unpredictable judgments in a life. This enables you to purchase cars by taking the driving tests. So you will get the chance of meeting new people and also have a life mutually.

Trailer – InstLife

InstLife is a life, you have control over. Right after starting, it will say your name, the place of your birth and gender. Depending on which location you are born, you need to face immense challenges, as you grow older. It is a free game. It also contains ads.

Game Dev Tycoon

[Game Dev Tycoon] Do you need to experience how the gaming organizations are born?. This game enables you to explore the story of a game developer, who begins his expedition behind in the 1980s. From that time, you need to manage the research as well as development and design. All the decisions you will be taking will have an awe-inspiring consequence. It consists of a price tag of $5. It is ad-free too.

Trailer – Game Dev Tycoon

So, check out all these high ranked Android simulation games. I’m sure you will love all of them. Some of these games are educational too, despite being tremendous time killers.

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